YUNMAI Mini 2 Weighing Scale Review


It is important at any age to achieve a healthy weight objective. This is because it influences our cardiovascular health, energy levels and our confidence. A smart scale makes this job a lot easier, and as you step on one, your data weight will find its way to a matching application on your web dashboard or cell phone through WiFi or Bluetooth. Using the app, you may then be able to track your progress over time. In the market today, there are few smart scales whereby you may find those that come from established companies and those coming from startup companies.

Yunmai mini 2


Yunmai mini 2 smart scale is a China manufactured weighing scale that can squarely fit within your budget. This weighing scale can measure up to ten static body compositions including hydration, BMI, bone mass, body age and BMR. It comes with a well-designed application which can provide you with guidance to assist you in meeting your objectives.

Yunmai mini 2 This weighing scale has a compact, and sleek design thus cannot take up much space. With a weight of only one kilogram and measurement thickness of 260x260x19mm, the scale is smaller than other weighing smart scales in the market. There are four metallic circles on top of it that slightly protrudes from the environmental finishing of an organic polymer. You’ll need to place your feet on these circles. The LED display will come to life and will light up as you step on the circles. Four non-slip rubber feet are on the underside of it. These rubber feet may be helpful in case you are operating on a smooth floor.

Yunmai mini 2 This weighing scale uses four triple A batteries to run. The bundled batteries can last over six months when used on a daily basis. First, before stepping on the scale, the Yumnai Mini 2 application will take you through the setting-up process. This will necessarily involve answering few questions like your sex, weight objective, height and many others. You have the option of selecting to see your weight in kilograms, stones, or pounds.

Yunmai mini 2 When it comes to weighing yourself, you’ll need to open up the application on your Smartphone and tread on the scale from where Bluetooth will connect straight away. There is no a WiFi option offered by this weighing scale thus you won’t need to have your Smartphone close as you weigh yourself. It’s only your weight that will be shown by the display. For a more comprehensive data, you’ll need  to refer to your Smartphone’s application. The manufacturing company claims that the scale utilizes something called BIA Biological resistance in the measurement of body weight, muscle, fat, bone mass, visceral fat, metabolic rate and physical age.

Yunmai mini 2

In summary, Yunmai mini 2 is an impressive weighing scale for it can do the job seamlessly and is also one of the bestbudget smart weighing scales in the market today.

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