Xiaomi Youpin Deerma Stick Vacuum Handheld Cleaner Review


Cleaning the floors of our houses is one of our daily chores. Cleaning is usually difficult especially if you don’t have the right vacuum cleaner. Xiaomi launched a new product which can solve this problem. Xiaomi Back-carrying Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient smart vacuum cleaner which can help you clean surfaces with ease. You don’t need to clean the surface repeatedly to remove tough stains.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner

The design

This product is small in size and lightweight in nature. You can carry it up and down the staircase effortlessly when cleaning. Its slimness enables you to clean under your bed and under the sofa with ease. The suction area is wide to maximize the surface that is covered at a go. It has power saving electrical components which makes it clean for a long period of time. In addition, it also has a smooth coating which is durable and rust-free.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner


Double Circulation System

The Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner has a stronger suction system than many models in the market. The double circulation system enables it to lift and suck garbage from both sides of the cleaning system. It captures peripheral debris using side brushes so that there is no trail of dirt when cleaning. This product has a light that indicates if the dustbin is full.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner

Ring Type Suction Brush

The suction area has a wide surface area which sucks all the dirt at once. This eliminates the need for cleaning the surface repeatedly to remove tough stains. This suction technology is advantageous since you clean your house in a short period of time.

Xiaomi Back-carrying Vacuum Cleaner

Long-lasting Deep Cleaning

Unlike some models which need to be connected to the socket directly, this cleaner is powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries. Battery powered vacuum cleaners are portable and this gives you a lot of flexibility. This vacuum cleaner can operate for a long period of time without recharging. This means that you can clean a large surface in just one charge. If the battery is low, the low battery indicator light comes on automatically so that you can recharge it.


Quadruple Filtration

The filtration system of this cleaner has been built with state-of-the-art technology. Quadruple Filtration can trap fine dust particles up to 0.03 mm in diameter which usually escape from some vacuum cleaners. This device ensures that you breathe fresh air.Xiaomi Back-carrying Vacuum Cleaner


Limited noise

Some vacuum cleaners are noisy and cause too much vibration when cleaning. This smart vacuum cleaner has a soft brush and it has been built with materials that produce less noise. In addition, the motors and other mechanical parts have been lubricated and optimized to cause less vibration. This ensures that you can clean without affecting your neighbors or damaging your eardrums.

Xiaomi Back-carrying Vacuum Cleaner

It is durable

The materials used to make the casing are rust-free and water-proof in natures. This elongates its lifespan and strength significantly. The batteries used also have a longer lifespan than other models to reduce recharge intervals.



You can keep your house clean and spot-free using Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner. It sucks all the dirt at once and leaves the surface clean. If your friends are using old vacuum cleaners, tell them to go for this model.



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