XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa: The Smart And Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Isn’t it incredible to have a robot cleaning your house while you sit back and relax on your couch? The XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa is a smart robot to realize that dream for you. And you get the luxury at a price you can take it any day for. The Xiaomi Xiaowa is a very powerful suction machine enabling precise cleaning. The vacuum has bigger wheels to support better run on your carpet. It also picks up tiniest of particles including pet hair. The robot can be controlled easily with the Mi Home app through WiFi. You don’t get a deal as great as this for this price range.

Xiaomi Xiaowa

XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa: Unboxing and design features

With the Xiaomi Xiaowa package, you get the smart vacuum cleaner and more. Other accessories include a XiaoWa Charging Dock, a XiaoWa CN Plug, and a User Manual. The robot vacuum cleaner has lovely aesthetics with minimalistic design. It’s a black and white body with three control buttons on top. It’s got a 640 ml dustbin and two large wheels allowing it to move without getting stuck. There are two brushes along with the suction for complete cleaning.

The vacuum features a tiny and stylish charging dock. You would also find an omnidirectional recharge sensor that locates the charging base. The back of the robot has a speaker and an air outlet.

Xiaomi Xiaowa

XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa: Key Features

Let’s find out the amazing features of the smart robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. Cleaning Modes

The Xiaomi Xiaowa has four suction modes including silent, standard, strong, and max modes. The silent mode cleans slowly without much noise while the max mode is noisy with very strong suction. You can also enable the carpet boost which gives maximum suction upon detecting the carpet.

  1. Navigation

The Xiaomi Xiaowa has no mapping feature to remember where its been. However, the sensors work well to detect obstacles to slow the machine down before impact. It also detects the charging dock easily to slow down and dock itself up.

Xiaomi Xiaowa

  1. Battery

The Xiaomi Xiaowa features a 2600mAh 14.4V Li-ion battery with strong backup. Working in the max suction mode the battery survives more than 60 minutes. In silent mode, you can work longer up to 90 minutes. The vacuum has a power light to indicate battery level, error issues, and device charging. You can even monitor the charge level in the app.

Xiaomi Xiaowa

  1. MI Home App

The Xioami Roborock can be easily controlled through the MI Home app. Here you can start or stop cleaning, switch the cleaning modes, control movements, track the battery level and send the vacuum for charging, set cleaning schedule, and check the working duration of the machine. You can also control notifications, volumes, and set DND periods. It also guides you to operate and clean the machine and contact the customer service as well.

  1. Performance

The Xiaomi Xiaowa has got a high power suction measuring 1,600 Pa. With such power, the vacuum cleaner competes well with much costlier cleaners. It sucks even the tiniest of debris including pet hair. The carpet detect sensor lets the machine identify the type of carpet and apply the required suction. With wheels as long as it’s got, it’s so rare that you find the machine stuck at an obstacle. Although it skips the mop, cleaning results are amazing on bare floors.

How to use XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa?

Using the Xiaomi Xiaowa robot cleaner is the simplest your cleaning can get. It’s a fully automated cleaner which you can control with the MI Home app. Just choose the suction mode and let it travel around to clean everything.

Xiaomi Xiaowa


You don’t find a feature-packed fully automated robot vacuum cleaner as economical as the Xiaomi Xiaowa. The cleaning performance is great, and you don’t need to even touch the machine to make it work. The vacuum is loud owing to its power,  but you can control the sound and power. all in all, this Xiaomi robot is just the perfect machine you can get for various cleaning surfaces.

Just relax and let this robot take care of your cleaning needs, Happy cleaning!

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