Xiaomi Weight Scales—Can Feel Even If You Drink a Cup of Water


Xiaomi weight scale can reach 100 grams of precision measurement which can reach the international leading level. And it adopts construction-grade ultra-white glass panel. If you connect to the phone, it can manage up to 16 individual weights.

Intelligent analysis and identifies every family member

Xiaomi weight scales can automatically identify family members according to the physical data, and determine the adult and children under six years old to achieve the family sharing that each person can access the data alone, up to 16 members can be used together.

Ultra-white glass panel

At the beginning of the appearance design, xiaomi had determined to create a product fulfilling with the best experience and simple no matter from the appearance but the usage. The light transmission rate is more than 91.5% with five screen printing and 20 processes. The xiaomi scale had expressed its crystal clear, smooth and delicate texture with high technology which can be put into any home style.

Automatically light sensor with comfort light to show you the most important changes

To say goodbye to the traditional display window, xiaomi weight scale uses the professional Metering equipment and choose 161 LED consistent color temperature and temperature light to show the measurement on the surface of the scale. Unique light sensor can automatically adjust the light to the eyes of the most comfortable light to ensure that both in the dark environment and under the sun, you can clearly read the data.

Delicate in each side

Although this is a product which is put on the ground to use, xiaomi weight scale had tried its best to meet the customer’s requirement. Tested by steel ball falls from 1 meter high, it can ensure its sturdy and secure and not easy to break. The bottom had been polished and battery compartment flat closure is good that can effectively block the hair and dust into. Before selling in the market, the weight scale will be checked repeatedly to make sure that each weight scale is accurate.

Connect with app

When you open the app and close to the xiaomi weight scale, you can synchronize your personal data or perform firmware upgrades which can bring much more good experience for you. By the way, the Xiaomi Smart Electronic Scale use low-power Bluetooth 4.0 and the 4AA batteries can sustain 1 year.

What’s more, if you need to lose weight, except the scale, you need a xiaomi earphone as well.

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