Xiaomi introduces a convenient humidifier with the market on account of the VH brand. The VH company has practical experience in making different kinds of desktop devices. VH marks the new XIAOMI VH 480ML USB Desktop Humidifier However, it was made by Shenzen Seventh Heaven Technology Co.

Desktop Humidifier


A Desktop humidifier is a conservative gadget with measurements of 100.6 mm x 126.7 mm. The humidifier comes in several colors to coordinate your home/office or any place you need to put it. The water tank has 420 ml limit, along with an implicit battery gives 10 hours of uninterrupted room humidification. If you decide to intermittent, the battery life is 24 hours per day, 24 hours. At the point when the battery runs out, charging is done through the USB port.


Expands moistness of air and decreases residue of microscopic organisms. Moisturizing your skin gives you the sentiments that you are taking a SPA.

Super Mini Size, Light Weight: 480ml enormous capacity. Add water once, keep it saturated for 10 hours, no compelling reason to stress over adding water.

Support waterless auto-off capacity, low DC 5V input voltage, smart touch switch, USB plug power supply, safe and dependable.

Quiet Moisturizing: Humidifier that does not affect sleep, safe and reliable, both mother and child can enjoy the moisture

Touch Switch Design: Long-contact switch for over 2 seconds; contact change to move, switch off for over 2 seconds in any gear

It accompanies an overhauled 800-mesh atomizer, the measure of mist sprayed measure is very high and ensures sufficient, and the water fog won’t stream back to the table. It accompanies a touch switch design. Nono-level atomization, atomizing water into micron particles, transforming into a fine mist that effectively enters the skin legitimately to the base layer, leaving the skin invaded and translucent.


Have you, at any point, succumbed to the effects of dry air while sitting at your office work area? Your sinuses out of nowhere become disturbed, your eyes become dehydrated, and your skin begins to tingle. The experience is undesirable most definitely. These are only a couple of the indications that you need a little humidity boost in your office.

Most offices often have dry air because the indoor regulator is turned as far as possible, particularly during the colder months. While a hotter situation may appear to be progressively agreeable, an office humidifier can be your best barrier against that widely inclusive dry air. You’ll end up soothed of those troublesome manifestations and breathing simpler as you work.


Portable & Easy to operate

Long-lasting battery


It is not rechargeable


The XIAOMI VH 480ML USB Desktop Humidifier is as of now accessible on Banggood for only US$27.99.

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