This Is What Makes XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier The Real Deal


Whether you are living in a desert-stricken region or an area with drier air, investing in a good humidifier would be a great idea. Lack of humidity has been linked with a long list of health issues ranging from skin diseases and allergy to dehydration. And yes, with the market currently holding a thousand and one models of air humidifiers, choosing the best option has just gotten more daunting. Having this in mind, we dedicated hours in research, thorough testing, and expert consultation in an attempt to get the best from the pool. And yes, Xiaomi Ultrasonic Humidifier could be the ideal addition to your space!

XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier

Xiaomi Ultrasonic Humidifier

This premium-quality humidifier comes in an elegant cylindrical design with a white finish to not only dovetail any decor but also to step up the beauty of any space. The three green LEDs at the bottom also elevates the overall elegance of the unit. Additionally, it features a water inlet design which makes adding water easier than ever before and lets you lift the humidifier with ease. Let’s dig deeper to know more!

XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier


Auto-Shutoff design

The advanced water level monitor keeps in check the amount of water in the water tank and alerts you through the indicator light when you should add more water. In case you are not around to replenish the water tank and the unit runs dry, the anti-dry sensor automatically cuts power supply to avoid damage to the machine.

Advanced Fan:

This humidifier features an advanced fan which ensures wider diffusion for uniform humidification ensuring that there are no pockets of dry air and others of humidified air in the same space. The machine also delivers strong and high spraying by powerfully spraying the squeezed water molecules into the air at a maximum rate of 250ml/hour for them to diffuse through the entire room in no time before falling.

XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier

Non-slip base:

To prevent this unit from movements when in use, XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier comes equipped with anti-slip bottom pads which offer perfect grip on any surface.


If you are looking for a lightweight yet sturdy model, this is one of the best options you can consider giving a try. With just 1.25 kgs of weight, this unit is highly portable. Therefore, you can easily transfer it from one room to the room of your choice.

XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier

Large water tank:

This high-grade machine comes equipped with a 2.25-litre water tank. This large capacity delivers up to 8 hours of non-stop humidification giving you more time to concentrate on other tasks without the need for constant replenishment. The open inlet design of the tank grants you convenience in adding water.

How to use this humidifier:

Whether it is your first time or not, using this humidifier is as easy as 123. It features a single button design to eliminate the complexity brought about by multiple buttons. Just press the single button to turn the unit on/off when you need to!

XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier


Although there are bazillion models of air humidifiers out there, not all are perfect for buying. In fact, more than a few of them are knockoffs. Therefore, if you need an option that won’t easily disappoint, consider giving XIAOMI Ultrasonic humidifier a shot!

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