Xiaomi Stickers Make Xiaomi Xiaofang Camera’s Installment Easily


Last time, we have given a review of Xiaomi Xiaofang camera to you. And in the blog, the way to install it has also shared with you. But excuse me, something I have forgotten to share with you is the tool that can help you install it more easily. So today, I will share it with you. It is Xiaomi Sticker that can help you install your Xiaomi Xiaofang camera easily.

Xiaomi Sticker

With the purpose of make the installment Xiaomi Xiaofang camera easily, Xiaomi innovative team take every trouble we may meet when installing into considerations. For example, you do not drill a hole in the wall in order to install it.

The Xiaomi sticker is made of 3M pressure double-faced gum so it can stick to the wall made of glass, wood, ceramic tile and any other materials to secure your home security camera system. And because of its powerful adhesion, you are kept away from the situation where your Xiaomi Xiaofang camera drop from the wall.

Xiaomi Official Sticker

Rustproof wall metal plate is combined to the Xiaomi official sticker to reduce your cleaning work so that you do not need to clean it often and more than that, you will not be frustrated by the difficult cleaning if you place it on the top place.

home security cameras

Xiami sticker is equipped with a power line of 1.5 m length. It is long enough to connect the camera to the high wall. Therefore, no matter where you want to use it, it can totally satisfy you.  home security camera system

Xiaomi sticker can also easily help you install your Xiaomi Xiaofang camera. There are only 4 steps for you to follow. First, you have to use 3M glue to stick the back of the metal plate and try to make it stick steadily and align with the metal plate. Secondly, you have to stick the metal plate on the wall. Thirdly, you need to join the lengthened power cable with the cable of the camera. Lastly, the only thing you need to do is to put the camera on the metal plate.

With the advantageous design, Xiaomi official sticker is helpful to the installment of Xiaomi Xiaofang home security cameras. If you love the cameras, it deserves your choice.

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