Xiaomi Smart Vacuum Cleaners Promise Your Easy Life


Vacuum cleaners have come a long way from carpet sweepers to manual vacuum cleaners and finally smart vacuum cleaners. Smart vacuum cleaners enable the cleaning of your floors with the click of a button. The first robotic cleaner was the Trilobite, a mini vacuum cleaner designed by Electrolux. A lot of changes have occurred since then with various advances in smart technology such as remote connectivity.

Xiaomi’s Smart Vacuum Cleaners

Xiaomi has raised the bar with its robotic cleaners by introducing advanced features such as App Control and intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithms. Three Xiaomi’s cleaning robots are introduced in this article.


  1. Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner: The Roborock has a powerful 5200mAh battery which can power the robot’s cleaning for up to two and a half hours, it then intelligently returns to its base for self-charging. In addition, it was designed with a 2000pa suction pressure that can pick up larger dust particles with ease and its laser sensors guide it to avoid obstacles and detect carpet floors. It is one of the few vacuum cleaners that can both sweep and mop and it also comes with accessory storage.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum

  1. Xiaomi Mi robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Mi model also has a 5200mAh battery coupled with intelligent path planning which enables it to clean hard to reach corners. Just like the others, its self-charging function greatly improves its ease of use. Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner’s distinguishing features are the 1800pa suction and its 0.42L dust box capacity. Its single compass combine with other sensors enables it to navigate smoothly around your home.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum

  1. Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Even with its lower price compared to the other two, the XiaoWa has a 1600pa air pressure in addition to its intelligent cleaning system. Its powerful fan cleans the floor and its three-dimensional cleaning system design effectively remove dust and particle debris. Finally, it can be controlled with the app interface, so you don’t have to be physically present to put the cleaner to work. The XiaoWa serves a similar basic cleaning need as the Mi model but with lesser battery power, that is, 2600mAh.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a smart vacuum cleaner with best overall cleaning capacity and features, then go for the Xiaomi Roborock because it not only features the highest suction power but it handles mopping in addition to sweeping. The choice between the Mi and XiaoWa would depend on whether you want a powerful suction and a higher battery power, the Mi model is the right choice or you want a cleaner that can distinguish carpet, can climb higher obstacles and is relatively cheaper in which case, the XiaoWa vacuum cleaner is the option for you.


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