Xiaomi Smart Home Multi-functional Gateway: Make Your Home “Smart”


Adopting an exquisite design, Xiaomi is smart home gateway  the ultimate product to make your home comfortable. The gateway comes with a built-in light sensor that opens automatically in low light conditions and when someone passes by your homestead. Most of us like a pet. Xiaomi comes with customizable options that notify when your loved pet sneaks out of the house.

Xiaomi smart home

Why Xiaomi multifunctional gateway?

After a long day at work, you need a motivating factor back at home. Xiaomi smart home is a remote multifunctional gateway that allows you to control the humidity and temperature sensors remotely.

Xiaomi smart home

Key Features

  • Effective online radio

Xiaomi gateway offers you an opportunity to listen to your favorite radio station while still undertaking your weekend and daily tasks at home. All you need to have is the smart home App and listen to top-ranked online radio stations. Whether you like rock, rap, or pop music, Xiaomi got you covered as it offers more than 1,200 customizable online radio stations.

Xiaomi smart home

  • Security

Your security is the top priority of Xiaomi Company. Don’t let sleepless nights affect your schedules and daily activities. Xiaomi smart home is fitted with a light sensor to identify day and nights easily.

Xiaomi smart home

  • Xiaomi App control

Xiaomi Company offers you with a well-detailed insert to help you install the product efficiently. Xiaomi App control is both user-friendly and convenient to allow you keep your home at the right temperature and humidity. The app also allows you to connect quickly and bind with other smart devices using WiFi.

Xiaomi smart home

  • Changeable bright night light

With Xiaomi Mi smart home, you can adjust the brightness and light color at your own will. Xiaomi multifunctional gateway is fitted with a built-in sensor that effectively shuts down when your home’s light is full. It feels good to live in an entirely secured house. Xiaomi offers you the opportunity to customize your home color, and more importantly, activate the sensors that turn the lights on when people pass by at your door front.

Xiaomi smart home

  • Network linking

Xiaomi Mi smart home supports other devices such as Yeelight bright light, air purifier, and Xiaomi water purifier. Xiaomi smart devices connected using the heuristic Zigbee protocol can easily operate without connecting to your network. For instance, you can control your smart socket using the smart switch. However, this technology can’t work remotely.

Xiaomi smart home

Xiaomi multifunctional gateway can be connected with other smart devices such as door sensor, IP camera, temperature sensor, and doorbells to get more functions.

Xiaomi smart home

The bottom line

Xiaomi smart home gateway is an upgraded multifunctional gateway that makes your home “smart”. With Xiaomi gateway, you can get a video view set for you when robbers break into your home or when your precious pet sneaks out. The upgraded Xiaomi smart home is white and it’s currently selling for $35.58.

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