Xiaomi Smart Fire Alarm Secures Your Home Throughout The Day


Residential or commercial security is something that no one would ever leave anything to chance. Every aspect of home or business security needs to be carefully considered and done to the plan. Among the latest technologies around include CCTV and fire alarms. These two will be found in every serious person’s house. On matters of fire alarm, Xiaomi Smart Fire Alarm is what you need. The fire alarm fits all homes in several ways.

Xiaomi smart Fire Alarm


Remote alert

One of the highest scores for Xiaomi Smart Fire Alarm is the ability to notify you on accumulated smoke while you are away. Once the smoke has accumulated in the house it is set, the smart fire alarm will send a short message to the connected devices through apps.

Progressive sound alarm

The smart alarm does not sneak in the notification and disappear. The notification is progressive for all to hear.

Self-inspection reminder

The alarm comes with a self-inspection reminder. You don’t have to worry that something might fail without your knowledge.

Connectivity to gateway

The device provides a room for pairing with your gateway. This is unique and very vital .



Just as is known for Xiaomi products, they are smartly packed in a clean, attractive and minimally appealing boxes. The smart fire alarm comes in a minimal and clean white box. The box is undoubtedly Xiaomi. It has icons on the top cover and underneath it. The outer has the picture of the item. Inside it is the alarm, plugs, screws and double-sided stickers.

Xiaomi smart Fire Alarm


Xiaomi never lets you down on design. The fire alarm is small, compact, clean and dazzling white. The back carries the product info. The battery is also attached there. The alarm is generally of good design and smart look.


Xiaomi products are connectable to a Mi home app. Xiaomi Smart Fire Alarm is as well connectable to the gateway. In this manner, the alarm is pairable with the gateway which links with Xiaomi’s Mi home app to provide the vital notifications.

Xiaomi smart Fire Alarm


Xiaomi Smart fire alarm comes with a long-lasting battery. Under normal circumstances, the battery should last for at least five years.


Anyone whose security of premises is a priority should consider installing a fire alarm. Xiaomi Smart Fire Alarm is recommended. The alarm senses from far some accumulation of smoke and sends signals immediately. It is pairable with your gateway. That simply means that you cannot miss an alert.


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