Xiaomi Roborock S55: A 5 STAR smart vacuum cleaner


In 2017 a new robotic vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi named Roborock S5 was introduced on the market.

Roborock S55
This smart vacuum cleaner is said to be one of the best due to its amazing features and capabilities. Today we will be having an in depth review of the Xiaomi Roborock S55.

The design
The Xiaomi Roborock S55 looks like your standard robotic vacuum cleaner: it’s circular in shape and quite compact. The device measures 13.9 x 13.78 x 3.8 inches and weighs 3.5 kg. On the top, you will see the three main control buttons: on/off, charging and spot cleaning. In the middle of the top lid, there is a small “tower” housing the laser sensor that allows the vacuum cleaner to map out your home’s interior.

Roborock S55
Underneath, there are two large wheels, the main brush and a side sweeper. The lid opens up easily revealing a cleaning tool, dust box and HEPA filter. One of the main convenience factors when using most of Xiaomi’s smart home appliances is easy control via the dedicated Mi Home app. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your smartphone and registered an account, you will need to pair it with your vacuum. When everything is set up, you will be able to control and monitor the Xiaomi Roborock S55 right on your smartphone. The modes on the main screen are Dock (the robot returns to the charging base), Pause/Start and Spot Cleaning. You can also use these same controls manually — as mentioned above, you will find them right atop the vacuum cleaner. But there is a whole lot of other useful data in the app like house mapping, duration of the current session, battery status, the area already cleaned, etc. You will also be able to set the timer, choose a cleaning mode, set up the Do Not Disturb Mode, receive email notifications about the robot’s performance and more.

The main distinctive feature of not expensive robot vacuum cleaners from the expensive ones is that the latter make a room map and use it to navigate. What difference does this make?

Roborock S55

Well, it’s very easy. Robovacs without navigation system just move around the room chaotically, bumping into the walls and as a result they may go over one and the same spot on the floor several times and ignore other areas. The device equipped with a navigation system creates a room map and goes around using it without leaving any areas that weren’t cleaned.

The management of the robot’s operation takes place through We Home, the mobile app with which to manage almost all Xiaomi products.

Roborock S55

Once downloaded and installed on your smartphone, you will need to register your account and make the pairing away Wi-Fi. However, it is also possible to use it “manually”, using the upper physical keys, but without the heart of the robot, ie the integrated smart features.

Cleaning performance
Another feature that makes this robot vacuum cleaner stand out is the extensive use of sensors. There are 13 sensors located on the vacuum cleaner, which help it navigate around any interior, watch out for walls, avoid obstacles and falling.

Roborock S55

Using the information, the vacuum builds a map and used the SLAM algorithm to calculate the best way to clean the area — you will be able see the created plan in the app.
There are 5 cleaning modes: Mop, Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and MAX. There is a rather large 150ml water tank onboard, which is enough for about 50 minutes of wet cleaning. Note that in Mop Mode the vacuum can mop and sweep at the same time. Even though the Roborock S55 robotic vacuum is quite powerful — 2000Pa super suction – it will not be able to conquer stubborn stains, even in Turbo mode.


Roborock S55
The Roborock S55 runs on a 5200mAh battery and can work non-stop for two and a half hours and cover an area of 250 square meters when fully charged. When the battery goes down to 20%, the robot will make its way back to the dock and recharge to 80% before returning to the point where it left off to resume the cleaning process.

Wet cleaning capability
Classic design and sturdy build
Good battery life
Easy to use
Awesome sensors

Cannot clean corners of the room
Does not clean hard places well enough

Roborock S55

The Roborock S55 is a very strong addition to Xiaomi’s line of smart home appliances. Primarily, thanks to the smart incorporation of app control that makes keeping a home clean that much easier and gives the S55 smart vacuum a rightful place in the Xiaomi Mi Home family.

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