Xiaomi Mijia Water Spray Mop Review


Technology is rapidly evolving and it has led to a huge change in cleaning devices. A water spray mop offers an easy and efficient way of cleaning. Not only is it fast and effective but it can also be used to clean various types of floor surfaces such as ceramic, hardwood, laminate among others. Recently, Xiaomi has launched such a mop for home use.

Xiaomi Mijia Mop

The Xiaomi Water Spray Mop is a versatile and lightweight cleaning device that is designed with a carbon-fiber material. Its main features include:

  • A microfiber pad that is reusable. The pad can be used for a wide range of floor types including laminate, hardwood, tiles etc.
  • An ergonomic rod length and hand control which makes the floor easy and simple to clean.
  • The mop’s head can rotate around at 360 degrees. It offers convenience and it can be used to remove even the most stubborn oil stain, dirt, and pigments in tiny corners.
  • The water sprayer covers a large area ahead of the floor that you are cleaning hence it helps to save labor and time. Although the Xiaomi Mijia Mop has a sturdy built, it is light in weight.


Xiaomi Mijia Mop


  • It’s Fast Drying

Usually, after the floor has been mopped, people have to wait for some time before they can walk down. With the Xiaomi Water Spray Mop, you don’t need to wait for a long time before the floor dries up because it happens so quickly. It offers a slightly-wet mode of cleaning and people can walk across the cleaned floor at any time.

Xiaomi Mijia Mop

  • Damp Clean and Fine Mist

This mop leaves the floor in a mild state. It provides the user with the appropriate dampness required for cleaning, not too wet or too dry. Its polymer spray-pump has been effectively atomized for just 0.1 seconds and the water outlet is controlled to strictly pump out 1.7 to 2 milliliters of water. Xiaomi Mijia water spray mop offers the right amount of dampness which instantly dries up after the mop is dragged away.

 Xiaomi Water Spray Mop

  • Wide Spraying Area

The mop’s rod can be adjusted so that the press spray area can reach 95 cm. Coming with a wide cleaning surface, it forms a fan-shaped uniform spray-area which helps to save time.

 Xiaomi Water Spray Mop

  • It’s Light in Weight

It weighs only 0.75 kg hence it can be easily lifted. You can use it to clean the whole house without getting fatigued.

 Xiaomi Water Spray Mop


Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Mop is an efficient and simple water spray mop that is easy to control. It offers optimum convenience since it is flexible enough to access corners and squeezed areas such as under the table, sofa, bed among others. Its functioning mechanism is mechanical and there is no need of electricity. Furthermore, you don’t have to carry a bucket around since the mop has an inbuilt water tank.


Price and Availability

Now, it is available in Banggood at only $37,99. If you are finding a mop, it will be a good choice for you. And more information and more discounts can be available on our blog. So quickly follow us.




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Nicole Tan

Hi Carmen , that means I still need separate vacuum cleaner to clean one time before using spray mop right


Dear Nicole, If you use it in combination with a vacuum cleaner, the cleaning effect will be better.