Xiaomi Mijia Water Dispenser C1 Review


Mijia Instant Hot Water Dispenser C1 is a hot water dispenser that will allow us to instantly prepare our favorite tea or infusion.
The company also said that this water dispenser body is compact and does not occupy much space. And though it comes with a compact body, it allows you to have hot water anytime, anywhere. So making a cup of hot tea or coffee is not a problem at all.


The design and build
We are faced with a small device made of high-strength ABS plastic, which, like the rest of Xiaomi products, maintains extremely minimalist lines without going beyond the classic white color.
In its front we find a height adjustable base . This will allow us to place our glass or rate so that we only have to press one of its three upper buttons according to the desired temperature: hot , boiling or weather water . In turn, a 2.5-liter water tank is located on the back to meet the consumption needs of 2-3 people.

On the front of the fuselage, it uses a high water outlet design to match a variety of cup heights. The drip tray and water tank have also been made removable and easy to clean. The overall body is compact and does not take up space, and can be placed in offices, living rooms, bedrooms and other places.

How the Hot water Dispenser works
The new Xiaomi Mijia Instant Hot Water Dispenser C1 has a power of no less than 2,200W , getting in just 3 seconds to heat the water. To do this, the liquid circulates from the tank through one of the three coils located inside it to our rate at the temperature we have chosen. This hot water dispenser allows you to adjust the amount of water supplied with each press , either 250ml for a short touch or 500ml for a prolonged pulsation of at least 1.5 seconds. It also has a small safe for children and a transparent slot in its tank that allows you to see the amount of water available.

This hot water dispenser is a handy item that should be in every home. Visit Banggood.com today to purchase this hot water for $78.

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