In the incomprehensibility of products that Xiaomi markets, likewise because of an entire arrangement of organizations and start-up accomplices for which, at that point, it sells and ensures the items, there is truly everything. What’s more, no, I’m not discussing keen lights, surveillance systems, cameras, vacuum cleaners, etc.

La Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M keen dishwasher it is the affirmation. Furthermore, it isn’t simply because it is a genuine one IoT home machine, yet additionally, because from our tests we have arrived at a resolution: utilizing it you can completely see its Asian nature, both as far as usefulness (which, as I would see it, are entirely agreeable) and with regards to the plan of the internal trolleys.

Xiaomi dish washer

And then it is clear, and it is a perfect dishwasher for a single person or at most for a couple (which does not dirty a lot), which however has an added value: in addition to the washing cycle, it integrates a sterilization program for dishes, cutlery, and glasses. And of course, you can also control it with your smartphone.


With a weight of 12, 5 Kg and a size of 44.2 x 46.15 x 41.9 cm, the Xiaomi dishwasher tends to be moved and put away without any problem. The entire structure is made of plastic, aside from the surfaces of the inside compartment. The streetcars are likewise made of plastic. From the primary opening, you understand that the entire item’s setting has been planned more for Asian propensities than for European ones.

Regardless of whether hypothetically they could be washed four covered with no issue, given the spaces of the lower streetcar, you could have calculated challenges if you need to wash level plates or even pots yet with the soup plates, rather things change drastically, which can be washed along with the glasses. In the upper streetcar, rather go the cutlery: the spaces are little and permit their washing.

Xiaomi dish washer


The decent thing about Xiaomi’s gadgets and the exponents of the Mijia series is that they are completely overseen by a single application that – with time – it is getting for all intents and purposes general. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M smart dishwasher must be set through the application before being utilized at Xiaomi Home.

The nice thing about Xiaomi’s devices and the exponents of the Mijia series is that they are all managed by a single application that – with time – it is becoming practically universal. And also, the Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M smart dishwasher must be set via the app before being used at Xiaomi Home.

Also, regardless of whether it very well may be utilized without the application, and utilizing the front touch keys, outside China, the utilization of the application is fundamental: all the compositions I’m in Chinese and, except if you know Chinese or use Google Translate to have the option to decipher the works, the best way to see all the elements of the dishwasher is through the application.

Through the application, notwithstanding the traditional washing programs, it is additionally conceivable to deal with the security lock with which you will debilitate the activity of the buttons situated on the front panel of the dishwasher (superb thought for those with small children), or program the washing or actuate steam drying with which, each 6-8 hours, the framework will naturally enact to guarantee that the dishes inside are in every case liberated from drops or cleaning residues.


The power of the Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M smart dishwasher is 220V, and the most extreme assimilation peak is 900W. The types of washing are 6 (standard, serious, quick, eco, precious stones, and sanitization), which fluctuate as indicated by force and span and have a normal water utilization, which can change somewhere in the range of 5 and 6 litres. The more standard program endures 2 hours, yet what makes the Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M savvy dishwasher is the utilization when utilizing this program that is equivalent to 0,40 kWh.

To put it, regarding water and electricity, the use of Xiaomi dishwasher it is unquestionably decreased. It is likewise obvious that it is a little apparatus and that it is all in extent.

A cleansing project is not just of the dishes put away in the product, yet also for all inside the dishwasher: my advice is to actuate at least one when the device is mounted.


Nothing to state about the quality of the washing Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M smart dishwasher. The dishes, even the dirtiest ones, are cleaned impeccably. The main disadvantage is the absence of a compartment in which to embed the cleanser, which will be set on the lower surface of the dishwasher, and the inconceivability of utilizing the rinse aid.

Xiaomi dish washer

In any case, we might want to state that the dishwashing process is practically identical to that of a standard dishwasher, as long as you can embed all the dishes with information on current realities. The clamour is likewise astounding, unequivocally diminished.


The cost of the Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M smart dishwasher is $ 479.99 at Banggood. To put it plainly, it is anything but a dishwasher for a family with a medium-sized kitchen; however, it very well may be ideal for a solitary or a couple who live in little condos and who have clear space issues.

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