Xiaomi Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner vs Mijia 1C


I used to rule out using a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the room. Most robotic vacuum cleaners are relatively expensive and not smart enough. If you don’t pay attention to which corner, it may get stuck in the corner or you may not be able to charge it, which will drain the battery. Too much trouble, maybe better cleaned with a broom. Recently, the Mijia 1C 2020 robotic vacuum cleaner launched by Xiaomi uses a visual navigation system to make the robot itself “visible”, which seems to effectively solve the above problem. Now I want to compare it with the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum.

Mijia !C

The Design

At 82 millimeters tall, Xiaomi advertises a new robotic vacuum cleaner that can be placed under furniture and sofas. Features that most robot vacuum cleaners have. Regarding the wheels, the company explains that they can overcome resistance up to 1.7 cm. The mobile tank is 600 ml, a large capacity which allows us not to empty it after every cleaning. In addition, the Xiaomi MIJIA Mi has large wheels capable of overcoming obstacles up to 1.7 cm, as well as a small 200 ml water tank that allows us to wet the house thanks to an electronically controlled mop.


The body of the Xioami Mijia 1C 2020 vacuum cleaner is still relatively compact. The 8.2cm body can move freely in furniture such as sofas and beds, and clean deep places that are difficult for ordinary people to clean. The white body is also available in a simple style, similar to the style of modern furniture. At the bottom of the robot, side brushes on the accessories can be placed at the edges to provide dirt and dust for cleaning in front of the auxiliary part of the suction hole in the center. The suction power of the Mijia 1C 2020 robot vacuum cleaner is 2500 Pa which is a Japanese brushless motor. With 0.1mm ultra-dense fiber base brush, it can effectively pick up dust onto the floor or into cavities.


The Xiaomi MIJIA Mi Sweeper Robot is available with a Japanese NIDEC motor with a suction power of 2200Pa. And supports 4-speed suction switching, which can sweep away small hairs, moss and dust, as well as big balls and grains. It also supports intelligent route planning. It also supports APP remote control to view real-time cleaning and road status, outline cleaning areas, indicate places to clean, and schedule cleaning. It also supports Xiao AI voice control and clean up after sentences. It can also be connected to a smart door lock. The sweeping robot outside the house starts to work, the cleaning is loaded automatically.
Xiaomi MIJIA Mi is equipped with a professional cleaning line. And equipped with 200ml intelligent electric precision control tank. And micro-controlled water pump with 3 precise water outlet control, long-term use without clogging. He can also check the state of the water outlet, intelligent control of the chip, do not move without water seepage, treat the wooden floor. It is backed by a 2500mAh battery, which in turn offers up to 90 minutes of household cleaning.


Mijia 1C robots 2020 vacuum cleaner supports Mijia APP control, which can change cleaning mode (four blocks in total), execute commands such as charge and pause, and focus on related visual navigation. The system creates a map, and the robot itself also plans to sweep the route based on the map.
The actual measurement of the battery at 2600 mAh when the battery is cleaned in 40 minutes is about 40% (normal mode). These results are relatively good. When it detects that the whole house is cleaned, it will automatically activate the charging mode and automatically return to charging.


The Xiaomi MIJIA Mi robot and the Xiaomi Mijia 1C robot can be programmed to clean various parts of the house. It doesn’t matter if the owner is there or not, he will clean it well. It will interest you to know that both robots are available for purchase on Banggood.

 Xiaomi Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner vs Mijia 1C
Article Name
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner vs Mijia 1C
Mijia Smart robot vacuum cleaner and the Mijia 1C are both robot cleaners from the Xiaomi brand. They can be controlled with the help of an app on your smartphone.

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