The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Best For You


It’s almost time to wave goodbye to 2018. New Year is approaching fast,  and it is a perfect time to create new resolutions. Cleaning your house becomes one of the most important things you can do in the new year. Fortunately, Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner becomes a great tool that can help you finish cleaning in a smart way.  Using a robot vacuum cleaner brings more fun to home cleaning. The vacuum cleaner proves to be one of the smartest cleaners available in the modern world. It incorporates the use of Xiaomi home app for additional control functions. In this article, I am going to give you a comprehensive analysis of the amazing features of the vacuum cleaner.

Xiami mi robot vacuum


The Xiami mi robot vacuum cleaner comes with an English manual which gives a breakdown of the functions and operations of the cleaner. A rotating brush is strategically located on the side to push particles into the path of the robot. On the bottom of the vacuum is a circular brush that sucks in the dirt. The robot has a 2cm ground clearance that enables it to go over obstacles on the floor without hurdles. Also, it incorporates a mopping pad which can be used to clean wooden floors. The two main wheels are placed on the sides. There is a small wheel placed at the back to balance the machine. The robot has a rubber bumper that prevents it from damage when it hits something.

Xiami mi robot vacuum


1.Smart functionality: The Xiaomi mi vacuum cleaner has default settings,  so you need power it on,  and it does the rest. For more control functions, you can use the Mi home app to view statistics of the robot and change the settings. The robot comes with an in-built Wi-Fi through which you connect to the control app, once installing it in your phone. You can use the app to instruct the robot to mop a specific area. Besides, the app enables you to shut down the machine for a certain time, install new language packs, automate cleaning schedules, and view cleaning history. 2. Sensors: It has several sensors which it uses to make a map of the area it intends to clean. The edge sensor helps it maintain an exact proximity to the wall.

3.Motor: The Xiaomi vacuum is steered by a powerful 2000Pa motor.

4.Battery: The vacuum cleaner is powered a 5200mAh battery which allows it to clean your house for 45 minutes. If the robot’s battery drains during cleaning, it automatically goes to the charging port for recharging.

Xiami mi robot vacuum


Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best tools to have around. You just have to power it on, and it autonomously cleans your room. It incorporates various infrared sensors which it uses to route a cleaning map while maintaining a specific distance from the walls during cleaning. The powerful features of the robot make it one the best products to acquire in the coming year. For more detailed information and discounts about the product, please check here.

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