Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and iRobot Roomba 980, Which is Your Choice?


Cleaning around the house could be very tedious work, and we all know how hard it is to hire good help. You might be considering to buy a vacuum robot instead, I mean it’s much less stressful right? Before you make a purchase, you need to get to know your options. While there is the classic Irobot Roomba 980, you might also want to pay attention to the new kid on the block, namely Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum. This is a head to head comparison of the iRobot Roomba 980 and Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum to determine the winner of these Vacuum wars;

xiaomi mi robot vacuum


Th iRobot Roomba is a popular vacuum cleaning robot that has already been around for a couple of years. Despite its popularity what has put people off over the years has been its pricing. Most people just can’t afford the Roomba though its features are really awesome. Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum presents a cheaper option, but does it necessarily mean it’s of lower quality? Let’s look at its features and find out.


Cleaning around obstacles

The classic Roomba uses a target cleaning approach while the Xiaomi Mi robot uses a virtual rectangle based approach. The Roomba moves around a room in straight rows and circulates over targeted areas occasionally. However, it really struggles when cleaning around obstacles. Xiaomi Mi is an obvious winner here with an AI that turns perfect corners around obstacles like table legs.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum

Cleaning a littered room with many objects

Xiaomi Mi robot first scans the room before its stars doing the cleaning. It then moves around the room in virtual rectangles, occasionally doing repeats and cleans around the objects. The Roomba goes straight down to cleaning using straight rows and occasional repeats. The Roomba could do some fast cleaning in a littered room but will still struggle to move around objects. Xiaomi Mi is slightly better at this criteria due to its superior navigation AI.


Thorough targeted Cleaning

The Roomba picks up its first win in this criteria, though rather slightly. Roomba vacuum robot is better at doing more thorough cleaning due to its targeted mechanism, especially on carpet. The Xiaomi does a great job too but just can’t beat the Roomba in this criteria.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum


Xiaomi Mi vacuum robot can be quiet noisy especially when placed on carpet, something we hope Xiaomi will get to fix on their next release. The Roomba works much more quietly when cleaning around the room; you might not even notice its presence. This is an aspect whereby the Roomba is a clear winner.


Both the Roomba and Xiaomi mi robot are great robot vacuum cleaners. Each one has its perks, but the price tag and features of the Xiaomi Mi can be very persuasive. If you thought you couldn’t afford a vacuum robot, you should check out the Xiaomi. Mi. The Roomba presents a great option if you are really not a noise person. The final choice is up to you.


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