Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comes With 1800pa Powerful Suction


Robot cleaners make life easier by cleaning the floor on their own. A cleaning robot can be useful if you hate cleaning or if you are too busy to clean your floor. There has been a lot of research on robot cleaners and many companies have converted their prototypes into real products. However, many robot cleaners have a low suction force which makes them pick the obvious debris and leave stains and heavier soil particles on the floor. Such vacuum cleaners smear a trail of sticky substance which is disgusting. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an advanced cleaner with 1800pa powerful suction force. It picks all the debris from the floor and wipes out tough stains from the surface.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum

Xiaomi mi robot cleaner has a slim design which makes it small in size. The slim design enables it to move under the bed, sofa, tables and other hard to reach areas with ease. The body is made up of lightweight materials to enable you to carry it to other rooms and upstairs without a sweat. You can switch the robot on or off by pressing the button on its chassis or using the smartphone app.


1800pa powerful suction

The vacuum cleaner has powerful motors which spin to generate a powerful suction force. 1800pa suction force is about twice that of other models in the market, which makes it unique. The robot has aggressive brushes which loosen particles for the strong suction force to pick them. The brushes also collect peripheral debris, thus eliminating a trail of dirt which is common in other bot cleaners. This enables the robot to clean thicker rugs and rough floors without a problem.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum

Furthermore, Xiaomi Mi Robot makes the floor clean in just one pass while weaker robots have to make many passes when cleaning the surface. This reduces the time the robot spends in cleaning the house.


Smart sensors

The robot has a complex algorithm which collects input from various sensors on the robot and converts them into movements. This autonomous gadget navigates more reliably than other models which can get stuck and bumble around until the lithium battery runs out. The bump sensors enable it to navigate around obstacles and traps such as power cables to avoid getting stuck. The wheels have good traction which enables it to move on various rags and carpets with ease.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum


Wi-Fi connectivity

The robot connects to your home Wi-Fi and this enables you to control it using the smartphone app. The main advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity is that you can turn on the robot or switch it off even if you are not in the house. However, if you don’t wish to connect it to Wi-Fi, it still works offline but you have to press the button to switch it on or off. The app reminds you when to clean brushes or change the filters of the robot and this keeps it efficient. In addition, you can make a cleaning schedule on the app so that the robot can clean periodically.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum


This robot is quieter than many other models. You don’t have to wear ear muffs or move outside the house when the robot is cleaning. All the mechanical parts are firmly attached to keep it silent so that users can tolerate it.

xiaomi mi robot vacuum


Many cleaning bots have a low suction force which makes them inefficient. To keep your floor tidy and spot-free, Use Xiaomi Mi Robot-Vacuum cleaner because it has a powerful suction force. If you want detailed information or more discounts, please go to the Banggood web.

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