Xiaomi IMILAB Home Camera Full Review


To begin with, the IMILAB smart camera for homes is a smart surveillance security monitor that has an exceptional video quality as well as a fantastic functionality. Considering its price and effectiveness, no wonder it is deservedly classified as one the best solutions in its category. The camera can be rotated, which enables it to monitor a wider range of vertical and horizontal directions via the APP control. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best features of this camera, trying to convince you why you should buy it.

IMILAB home camera

Design – the camera is made of soft-touch material, which provides 0.8mm diameter holes for speakers. Its lenses have minimal distortion are also scratch resistance due to the special coating covering them. The camera’s accessibility, as well as its convenient buttons, a micro sd slot, built-in speaker, not forgetting its wifi connection ability, makes it super attractive to homeowners seeking to secure their homes.

Features – truth is, the IMILAB home camera adds a smartness touch to your home’s security. Utilizing the MiHome app allows a seamless communication while its 360 degrees rotational capability allows it to cover the entire area without having to add extra camera nodes. This camera allows you to record high-quality videos and do use some advanced night mode so as to keep an eye during the night when theft or trespassing is likely to occur. The camera has wifi connectivity, which allows you to share any footage wirelessly, and pretty fast for that matter. The camera comes in a white finish and it has a pretty sensitive motion detector that starts recording immediately after it detects any movement. Considering its rotation capability, it ensures that you don’t have to deal with complicated security systems, as you won’t need any other camera in a particular area once you install it.

In summary, we can say that the IMILAB home camera is surprisingly easy to install, and its use is quite straightforward, with the possibility of it being mounted in many places. To get one, just head out to Banggood.com. They are pretty affordable and the delivery is absolutely free.

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