This is What Makes Xiaomi Electric Kettle A Standout


Unless you have an electric kettle, your kitchen is never complete! Unlike the stovetop kettles, electric kettles are aesthetically more appealing and get the work done in no time. However, if you need an electric kettle that will serve for years, you need to go beyond the aesthetics. For example, you will need to look at the overall construction, ergonomics, efficiency, and capacity. Unfortunately, with the market presently holding a plethora of them, picking that ideal electric kettle is no longer a straightforward affair. Luckily, to make the work simpler for you, we spend a week in rigorous research and days in thorough testing to unmask the best deal on the market. And yes, if you are interested in bringing the best electric kettle to your home, look no further than this Xiaomi Electric Kettle.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle

Xiaomi Mijia 1.5L 1800-Watt Electric Water Kettle:

This electric kettle comes with a professional-quality plastic shell. The exterior is finished in a beautiful white colour that seamlessly interacts with any space. Additionally, it features a 360-degree base which offers unsurpassed user convenience. The visible LED indicator light allows you to follow up the heating process from a distance. The kettle has a large capacity of 1.5 litres which allows you to boil an entire family’s drink at a go. What makes it our top pick? Well, without spending much time, let us examine some of its outstanding features.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle


Durable construction:

Definitely, no one would want to spend on an electric kettle that will only serve for a few days. That is why every part of this electric kettle is of a durable material. For example, the exterior is of sturdy plastic material while the interior material is of the sturdy 304 stainless steel material. Additionally, the stainless steel material is food-safe hence it doesn’t pose any health risks even when used over an extended period.

Triple security protection:

To ensure your safety and that of the unit, this kettle features triple security protection. In other words, this unit prevents electric shock and leakage by automatically shutting down after the water hits the boiling point.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle

Smart controls:

Ever thought of controlling the water temperature from your smartphone? Well, this kettle wirelessly interacts with your phone via the Xiaomi Smart Home App to allow you to remotely control the water temperature from your comfort zone.

80-Degrees Opening Mouth:

The mouth if this kettle opens wide to allow to safely pour the heated water from the kettle. The wide opening also makes it easy to add water to the unit without spilling on the floor.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle

Uni-body Design:

This design makes cleaning this Xiaomi Electric Kettle a piece of cake. It is time that you forget about the inside dirt!


Food grade stainless steel interior.

The 360-degree rotating base adds convenience.

Easy to use.

It comes with rugged construction.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle


The 14-day refund/replacement period may not be long enough.

Not the most lightweight option.


If you are looking for the best electric kettle in the market, you may find it somehow challenging. However, to avoid the hassle, you can rely on this Xiaomi Electric Kettle. The unit packs a number of fantastic features which makes it our top pick.


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