Xiaomi Digital Thermometer: Full Review


The Xiaomi digital thermometer measure both the temperature and the humidity of the environment showing the data collected on a screen with E-Ink technology which guarantees a great energy saving of the battery. Dimensions of 64,5 x 64,5 x 9,7 mm the hygrometer It is manufactured using environmentally friendly PC / ABS + PMMA material which does not contain harmful substances.

Xiaomi digital thermometer

The E-Ink display is curved both on the corners and on the profiles allowing an 3D view. In addition to showing the temperature and humidity, the Xiaomi digital hygrometer / thermometer returns through the icons depicting emoticons the status of the room in which it is placed.
The Xiaomi digital thermometer is equipped with high precision sensors with a degree of temperature measurement of 0,3 ° C, while for relative humidity the accuracy rate is 3%. There is also the possibility to display the recorded temperature value in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Everything is powered by a common one CR2032 button battery crammed inside with estimate of duration up to one year. The hygrometer can be installed through a base to rest on a piece of furniture or through wall stickers with a magnetic surface. The device is suitable for use in indoor environments such as the child’s room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.


Xiaomi digital thermometer
The design of Xiaomi Mijia E-ink has the beautiful screen with precise estimation, it comes with a moderate plan. The gadget includes an e-ink show which guarantees it saves battery control, it will last up to a year on a solitary charge. it also have square box design is lightweight makes this device more beautiful, it comes in white colors with perfect design.

Features of the Xiaomi digital thermometer
The gadget includes an e-ink show which guarantees it monitors battery control, it will last up to a year on a solitary charge. The e-ink show utilized bended show screen, with lovely bends along the edges. Aside from demonstrating the temperature and stickiness, the Xiaomi Digital Thermometer Hygrometer additionally accompanies 6 sorts of warnings which demonstrates the condition of the room utilizing outward appearances on the show. it has 3 finding technique, soften in each scene as long as you require it. the articulation to spell over solace level, charming and straightforward. it works in Low utilization E-ink screen.

Xiaomi digital thermometer

Pros of the Xiaomi digital thermometer

Curved Screen

Sleek design

It can be mounted to the wall

E-Ink panel

Replaceable battery

Cons of the Xiaomi digital thermometer

Incompatible with Xiaomi Smarthome

Looks cheap

Battery lasts a few weeks

Emoji Faces

Xiaomi digital thermometer

The Xiaomi digital thermometer is a beautiful device that can be very useful in homes and offices. With this device you can know both the temperature and humidity of the room in which it is placed in. It is worthy to note that this device is very affordable.

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