Xiaomi Dafang Camera and Xiaomi Hualai Xiaofang Camera, Which is Your Choice


Installing cameras in your apartment could be the best thing to consider at any given time. The first thing you need to consider is the type of cameras to install. This is not an easy task since there is a wide range of amazing cameras on the market. Depending on your needs you could consider installing Xiaomi smart home or Xiaomi Xiaofang IP camera.

xiaomi smart home

Xiaomi Dafang smart home camera and Xiaomi Xiaofang IP camera are good cameras but there are small differences between them. The Xiaomi Dafang smart home camera captures up to 9m while Xiaofang IP camera captures up to 5m. You could choose the one that covers a wide distance if you need a wide view of your home.

xiaomi smart home

To escape the extra cost of buying an external storage card you have to buy Xiaomi Dafang smart home camera. It has local storage that can support SD card up to 32G while Xiaofang IP only supports a micro SD card. This means if you need to store a lot of information Dafang home camera would be your choice.

xiaomi smart home

Both of these Xiaomi smart home cameras allow you to use a phone or tablet when you want to know the situation wherever you are. The only difference is that the former one sends you an alarm when it is triggered or when it senses smoke, motion, CO sensors and intelligent detection. Installing it in your home could save you from unsuspected fire breakouts. The latter one has limited detection features because it does not have intelligent detection.

When it comes to night vision detection, the former is the best. With its improved infrared LEDs, Xiaomi Dafang camera gives you a clear ultra vision at night. This gives you a clear image of the situation you are monitoring.

xiaomi smart home

Looking at the angle view of the Xiaomi Dafang camera and Xiaomi Xiaofang IP camera the latter gives you a wide view of the situation. With its improved panoramic view, Xiaomi Xiaofang IP camera allows you to track what you are monitoring while changing its angular position. It has a wide angle view of 360 degrees while Xiaomi Dafang camera has a limited view of 120 degrees. This is usually the best when you want to keep in check what is happening in your house while you are at work.

xiaomi smart home

Xiaomi Dafang smart home camera has a very high video resolution compared to Xiaofang IP camera. This makes it the best choice when you need a very clear image of whatever you are monitoring. Choose Xiaomi Dafang smart home camera for all your monitoring needs.


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