Xiaomi Cups Make you Enjoy Drinking Water


There is no doubt that Xiaomi cups are the best in the market right now. These cups give an enjoyable feeling when drinking water and other fluids. What’s more fascinating is the design and portability of these cups; you can just carry them anywhere. Below we discuss what we found fascinating about the Xiaomi Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup and the Xiaomi Glass Kettle Set.

Xiaomi Glass Kettle Set

Xiaomi Stainless Steel Cup offers you everything you could ask for in a portable cup for your hot or warm fluids. Once you pour in your hot water or coffee and tighten the rid it will remain hot for long hours. The manufacturer gives an estimated value that if you pour in hot water with a temperature range of 95 degrees Celsius you can still drink your water hot and about 60 degrees Celsius after 6 hours. Thanks to the temperature sensor and reader, which lights blue for temperatures below 55 degrees and orange to brown for temperatures above 55 degrees Celsius, at the base of the cup you can monitor whether your water or coffee is getting cold. What’s more fascinating is the lightness and the elegant design of these cups. They are so portable you can just slide them in your handbag or just carry them in your hands. The rid closes the cup tightly so that you don’t have to worry messing your bag with fluids from the cup. The body is stainless steel, thus capable to resist rust and is easy to clean. It is also smooth enough to ensure it feels comfortable in your hands.

Xiaomi Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup

Xiaomi Glass Kettle Set is also elegant in its design. Designed from high Borosilicate Glass and featuring a Silica gel lip it allows smooth pouring of liquids. This glass kettle gives you a feeling of elegance when it stands on your table or desktops. The glass body is so smooth and clean that it offers high clarity to the fluids inside the kettle. The set also comes in with two glasses or cups included so you don’t have to leave your seat to look for glasses for your drink. About capacity, the Xiaomi Glass Kettle is able to hold 1200ml of liquid while the cups can hold up to 320ml each. This gives enough room for all your fluids.

Xiaomi Glass Kettle Set

Xiaomi Stainless Steel Cups offer the best choice of portable cups for everyday use. Whether you will be carrying hot water or coffee you are well assured that they will remain hot in your Xiaomi Stainless Steel Cups and without spillage. Xiaomi Glass Kettle is the best choice to store in your drinks at home where you need larger storage space.

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