Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM Smart Humidifier-UV Sterilization, New Experience for Quality Life


With living standards improved gradually nowadays, people pay more attention to quality of life and health problems, resulting in smart home products in recent years popular in the market. Xiao mi has pushed many products related with the health, such as the UV smart humidifier.


The accessories inside the package are simple, except the Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM smart humidifier, it also equipped with the adapter and charging Cable. The adapter of the smart mi sterilization humidifier is a white case with the logo in the middle. It’s worth mentioning that it provides a 34V voltage input for human safety, which greatly reduces the use of the product in the security and bring more protection of home life. Not like the complicated work of regular humidifier which is necessary to stop the humidification work to add the water and the machine need to be dismantled, smart mi sterilization humidifier has adopted the water tank and humidification work core separation design that the users will be able to immediately add water to the humidifier with uncovering the lid and the humidifier can not stop working which is greatly simplified the use of procedures. Furthermore,the four pads of bottom of the smart mi sterilization humidifier provides the steady to the deposit of the product.

小米空气 加湿器4

As we all know, the humidifier increase the humidity through the water treatment after the atomization of dry air to achieve a more healthy air environment. However, the long-term backlog of water is the most likely to breed bacteria. It’s said that if we are not often maintain disinfection, humidifier atomization is not necessarily healthy. Smart MI sterilization humidifier has used multiple protection programs. At first, they had put the Japanese Stanley cold cathode UV germicidal lamp inside that you can kill the 98.8% bacteria inside the water through the ultraviolet radiation. Secondly, the material inside the fuselage with a wide range of antibacterial ingredients of ABS material can effectively inhibit the erosion of a variety of bacteria to let the users’ breath safer and healthier air. The size and the weight of the sterilization humidifier are 207MMX336MM and 3KG. Although it’s more huge than the regular humidifier but it’s still can be accepted, which can be convenient placed on the table, room or any other places you want to put. There have a unique advantage with the huge size. In the circumstance when the 3.5L large water tank filled with water, a day humidification can be reached to 384ml and it can be lasted 16 hours which can fully meet the user’s work and sleep all day. More conveniently that it can be control with the app, the operation is simple and it just like setting the clock, then it can work intelligent for us.


In the dry season or you need to stay in the office with the air-condition all day, it is easy to cause upset and it also has a great impact on the quality of sleep especially during the sleep time. All night with a humidifier to ensure the air humidity is indeed a good choice to improve your sleep quality.


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