Xiaomi Breathing New Life into Home Cleaning


Home cleaning can sometimes be a daunting task and more so if you are unsure of which parts of the room to give undivided attention. It’s even a nightmare if you got a huge room and you are there alone to do the cleaning. The Xiaomi mi vacuum is a new autonomous vacuum cleaner that not only offer bigger suction power but also cleans larger areas. Created by Rockrobo and developed under Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem programme, this vacuum cleaner offers a new way of doing cleaning,with quality features that ranks high above other premium robots. One of the main things that set this vacuum cleaner apart from others are the many distinct features that makes cleaning itself an awesome experience.

 Xiaomi mi vacuum

  1. Intelligent Route Planning

It has got a Laser Distance Planning (LDS) that enables it to scan its sorrounding at 360 and 1800 times per second. The LDS helps in mapping out the entire inner room and provides real time planning routes. In addition, the Xiaomi mi vacuum has three processors that track movement in real time and lets you know the most preferred route for cleaning.

 Xiaomi mi vacuum

  1. Large Capacity Battery

The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 5200mAH lithium ion battery. The battery has the ability to last for along time of about two and a half hours if the cleaning is continuous. However,when it’s drained,the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its base for recharging, a feature that is not with other robot cleaners. For those with bigger homes,it even makes your work easier because it will remember its last location after the charge. You never have to worry about it starting again and leaving other areas.

 Xiaomi mi vacuum

  1. 1800 Pa Super Suction

Compared to other robot vacuum cleaners,Xiaomi mi vacuum has got a higher suction with an air pressure of 1800Pa. It’s ability to move on any surface makes the suction even more fast.

 Xiaomi mi vacuum

  1. Almighty Helper

On top of those other distinct features, the robot vacuum cleaner has got special feature like the side brush which pushes dirt and dust to the suction inlet which then hovers it into the cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner also keeps a distance of 1cm from walls and chairs to enable side brush reach into the far corners of the room. To sum up these impressive features, the vacuum cleaner also comes with an adjustable height which raises or lowers its brushroll height. The movement of brushroll will however depend on the surface being cleaned.


Thanks to online shopping malls,you can now get this product from any part of the world. The Xiaomi mi vacuum is an example of quality product in the market. You are assured of your monies worth because of the premium features it comes with.


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