Xiaomi Bluetooth Thermometer Review


Xiaomi recently launched their Bluetooth Thermometer. Going for $14, the thermometer is already funding on the platform and is available for shipping to those interested.

Billed for its high thermal conductivity, the thermometer has a diameter of 17 mm and comes with a stainless steel food-grade temperature sensor, which makes it 100% percent safe. It’s designed to measure a temperature range of 32 degrees centigrade to 42-degree centigrade with only an error margin of 0.1 degrees.


 Xiaomi Bluetooth Thermometer

Water Resistance

The Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometer is 100 percent resistant to water. It also comes with an IPX6 rating, together with a safe adhesive for attaching it to the body.

It only takes 2.5 seconds for it to take accurate measurements of a baby’s body temperature and track drastic changes.



Needless to say, the thermometer features Bluetooth connectivity, and which can be connected to the Mi application on your smartphone for a clear reading and parsing.

It’s also possible to follow the temperature measured via the app. Not forgetting the app spots a wide range of other features that come in handy in analyzing the body temperature measured.



Another feature worth mentioning is the alarm. Designed to beep continuously every time the baby’s body temperature registers dangerous levels, the thermometer allows you to set your own low and high temperature, so the alarm can beep every time the temperature reaches this level.


Typical Usage Scenario

The thermometer can ideally be used to monitor the temperature of a baby’s body whenever you suspect they have a fever.

Getting the accurate measurement of a baby’s body temperature is usually problematic because the environmental temperature keeps on fluctuating. But with Xiaomi’s Smart thermometer, the reading shown has all these small changes factored in, hence near accurate.

Even so, you might want to use them at night when body temperature is more stable for an even more accurate reading.



The thermometer’s radiation is much lower than the radiation of the room’s clutter. This makes it safe to use as it poses no radiation risk to the baby.


Bluetooth Range

The thermometer boasts an impressive Bluetooth range of 10 meters. This makes it possible to monitor the baby’s temperature from another room, even though it’s more advisable to use it within a more effective Bluetooth range.


The Wrap Up

This is an ideal thermometer for anyone with a baby and is more concerned about their welfare. With this thermometer, together with Mi app installed on an Android or iOS device, you can closely monitor your baby’s temperature as you closely get to pay attention to the healing process.

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