Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera VS Chuangmi Smart IP Camera


Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera

Over the years, security has consistently become a vital issue in the society. For this reason, modern security pieces of equipment such as cameras are available in the market to help bolster the feeling of security and confidence. These cameras come in various brand names and specifications which include dedicated functions, improved sensor quality and other extra features that make them ideal for use in small businesses, restaurants, small offices, and homes. One brand with a reputation for manufacturing such high-end security cameras is Xiaomi. In this article we’re going to compare two Xiaomi security cameras, that is, Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera and Xiaomi Chuangmi Smart IP Camera.

Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera

The Chuangmi Smart IP Camera comes with a 720p high definition resolution and a viewing angle of 120°. The camera also supports an App-customized mobile-monitoring function that allows you to watch the shooting video at any time. Interestingly, the App has a convenient floating window that helps you watch the video and operate other applications at the same time. Besides, it supports a dual way phone call which can chat by camera and Smartphone with the help of built-in speaker and microphone the camera – a similar feature with the Aqara IP camera. Unlike the Xiaomi Aqara Camera that records a 12-second video and saves it in the cloud, the Chuangmi camera records a 10-second video in real time and sends the warning notification to your Smartphone.

Xiaomi Aqara Camera

The Xiaomi Aqara Camera comes with a 1080P HD lens and a 180° ultra-wide angle of view. Additionally, the Camera has intelligent linkage equipment with multi-dimensional security and a multi-function gateway that allows you to control your Smartphone effortlessly. It uses cloud storage encryption, a data transmission encryption, two-way authentication, and other triple encryption algorithms to protect the privacy of your home and ensure video privacy. Aside from this, the Xiaomi Aqara Smart IP Camera can be integrated with presence sensors such as a smart socket, cube controller, door & window sensors among others to help control and monitor everything while still away.

Xiaomi Aqara Camera

Apparently, Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera is much better in resolution, viewing angle, intelligence not to mention protecting your privacy. However, these two Xiaomi security cameras are almost identical at the physical level. They both have exquisite designs that make them easy to incorporate into the home environment, on the table surface, wall or top to enable multi-angle monitoring.

xiaomi security camera


For every individual or family who values security, the best selection you can ever make is Xiaomi Aqara Camera. This fantastic security camera is the ultimate solution to efficiently ensure the peace of mind and security you so deserve in your home. Go ahead; make a wise decision to purchase this Xiaomi security camera for home security and rest assured of the real-time protection of the safety of family property.

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