Xiaomi AI Speaker Review and How-to Setup Guide


Music players are presently past the limit of simply playing music through capacity gadgets and are entering the shrewd stage. Occasionally, the costs to purchase such gadgets are getting lower altogether. In case you’re tracking down a modest music player with amazing sound quality and expanded highlights, this Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 speaker music player survey can show you exactly what you need.


The Xiaomi AI speaker is essential for the Xiaomi Smart Home category that empowers client to interface with a network, synchronize and use gadgets in a collaborative approach to make life simpler. Additionally, Xiaomi has consistently been applauded to convey quality items in less cost by cutting down the middle man, and this gadget meets the expectations.


The Design

The Bluetooth speaker is made of ABS material, which has scratch, heat and impact resistance and sturdiness properties. It is a moderately sized near-cylindrical box having speaker flame broils everywhere on the base part and fastens on top to control the gadget physically.

The item accompanies a dimension of 8.8 x 8.8 x 21.16 cm having a load of just 0.636 kg, which is really excellent for every one of the capacities and quality it highlights. The outdoors is outfitted with buttons masterminded in a circular manner.

Xiaomi AI Speaker

The button can be utilized to get to some key features manually, similar to play/pause, switch channel, mute, next, skip and previous. The volume is adjusted by sliding, clockwise to enhance volume and vise versa. The sliding movement is responsive and very sensitive of touches.

Solid Connectivity for Better Experience

Great connectivity guarantees better streaming. For this, the speaker accompanies Bluetooth v4.1 for essential connection with a device, which gives a steady performance and a range of 15m. In addition, the gadget supports dual band Wi-Fi of 2.4 and 5.0 GHz to associate to a network. The outcome is a general smooth flawless streaming with no disturbance.


Xiaomi AI speaker is loaded with a Cortex A53 CPU of 64-digit. It has a clock speed of 1.2 GHz and a 256 MB flash drive that contains the operating framework. It additionally supports up to 32 GB of Trans-Flash (TF) card. The specs are adequate to guarantee faster response, high-speed running, and consistent connectivity with no sort of lagging at all.

Sound Quality

This gadget is outfitted with 6 omnidirectional microphone arrays that conveys a 360-degree audio sensing . There are two channels for sound system experience. The speakers have 4-ohm impedance and 82dB sensitivity. It can stream at an enormous scope of 60 to 18000 Hz frequency, and furthermore upholds advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP) in music playing.


The outcome is an exceptional sound quality. The speaker gives an encompass insight with a great deal of clarity. The volume level is sufficiently loud and the sound quality remaining parts steady with no bends at higher volumes, however it sounds better at low and mid reaches. In spite of being lightweight, the sound isn’t influenced by vibration of this gadget. Additionally appropriate for open rooms or free spaces.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker accompanies a 1100mAh Li-particle battery yet can be utilized straightforwardly with a force supply. The battery can give 8 hours of reserve talk time, and 6 to 8 hours of constant music playing. The working power for this gadget is 3W having 12V potential. The consumption is low and battery keeps going very well.


This Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speaker music player survey shows that the gadget accompanies a great deal of possibility despite its low price. Get this AI Bluetooth speaker today from Banggood which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

Xiaomi AI Speaker Review and How-to Setup Guide
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Xiaomi AI Speaker Review and How-to Setup Guide
Getting the right speaker for your can light up the whole place; there is a perfect speaker for every time of space. The Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that fits perfectly into every home.

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