A Wonderful Microfiber Towel Deserves Your Choice


Towel is one of the necessaries or our daily life. It functions in the every aspect of our life such as taking a shower, wiping our sweat, washing and wiping dishes and so on. So a towel may be something important to us especially the good one. So here, I want to recommend an absolutely wonderful towel to you.

KCASA KC-TW168 Microfiber Towel Set

KCASA KC-TW168 Microfiber Towel Set

  1. Quick drying

The advantage of being quick drying and highly absorbent is one of the features that a good towel must have. This microfiber towel set is made of 100% microfiber so its speed of drying up is 10times faster than the normal terry cloth or cotton towers. It can dry up quickly in a few minutes by hanging it outside.

  1. Highly absorbent.

Besides, because of its microfiber material, it has a great absorbency which can wick away sweat and water from your skin so it is very suitable for someone who are fond of sports.

  1. Super-soft and Antibacterials

Microfiber towel set is made of the best microfiber so it is very soft. And the towel made of such kind of materials usually has a strong ability of antibacterials, which can helpfully prevent the breeding of odor and germs, keeping you and your families away from germs and horrible gym-towel stink.

  1. Two size and multifunciton

The large towel is 60’X30′ , which is as big as a bath towel so besides the use of bath towel you can use it as travel towel, a Yoga mat, picnic mat and use it in all kinds of sports and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, boating and golf and so on.

The small one is 24’X15″, which you can use as hand tower.

 microfiber towel set

  1. Carrying bag and humanized hanging design

Humanized hanging hook design allows you hang it safely and easily anywhere, without worry about that it will fall on the dirty floor.

Carrying bag design allows you to pack it on the backpack easily. And the bag is breathable mesh one, which prevents the production of germ in the bag and makes it dry up more quickly.

It is the first time for me to recommend such kind of thing to you. I hope in the future I can recommend more good things to you to benefit all of you. If you have something good to share with me, just show it on the comment area.


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