The Review of Cop Rose X6 Window Cleaning Robot


Are you looking for a device that helps you clean your windows? Then you are lucky because we’ve taken a look at one for you. Read the review below for more information!


The device we have taken a look at is the Cop Rose X6 Window Cleaning Robot. It’s a beautiful looking, magnetic device that makes your windows clean in no time. Alongside with the product itself, the box contains a remote control, 2 long cleaning cloths and 2 short cleaning cloths, a safety rope for the device, power supply, power extension cable,  and a user manual in English.

 window cleaning robot


The device is useful for both indoor and outdoor window cleaning, and it is perfect for use on high buildings. In that way, you don’t need to put yourself in danger to keep your windows clean. The Cop Rose X6 comes with a security rope, so you don’t have to fear it falling down and getting destroyed. It also has a UPS system that keeps it from falling down in case the electricity goes off.

You can either put it on a cleaning-mode where it cleans by itself, or you can use the remote control to steer it on your own. The remote has a range of 15 meters. The device that works fast cleans a square meter in 2.4 minutes. It has gotten an internal vacuum motor, a laser sensor, and a pressure sensor. The window cleaning robot cleans with a non-cotton microfiber towel, and it doesn’t only clean windows. You can use it on multiple materials such as walls, wood, and marble for example.

When it comes to power,  it doesn’t consume much. And it works silently at 60 decibels. It has a low weight of 1.5 kilograms and is easy to use for both young and old.

 window cleaning robot

Pros and Cons

It’s a pro that the robot cleans both inside and outside, and all the security it has. With the remote control, it’s easy to steer if you don’t want it to work automatically. The low sound-level is another pro as it won’t disturb you by being noisy. Another good thing with this window cleaning robot is that you can use it on many other surfaces as well, making it a multi-use device. The price is cheap, which makes it a good and worthy purchase.

The con is that it’s not a cordless device, however, you can use an extension cable for it to reach everywhere. Other than that,  there aren’t any cons as we can see.

 window cleaning robot


We need to say that the Cop Rose X6 Window Cleaning Robot is a very good purchase that saves you both time and strength that you can use for more important things. Coming at a cheap price, it doesn’t consume much electricity and also has a low sound level. It cleans well, and you can use it for more than just windows. We recommend this product to everyone who wants someone to do the window cleaning for them to a low price.

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