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Having a backup security in your home is an important thing. Something that will enable you to detect whenever any person or anything is approaching your home. This will secure you, your family and your property. There is no better way of doing that than installing the EKEN A8 Smart Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell. It is an excellent doorbell that will enable you to monitor any person who comes to visit you. Having this WiFi doorbell will give you a better view of who is at your door at any time be it day or night.

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Features of EKEN A8 Smart Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell.

Have a High Definition (HD) Video support.

The wifi doorbell is designed to support an HD video record which will enable you to see any person at your door clearly and identify him or her. Therefore,  you don’t need to struggle to view their images.

wifi doorbell

Has an absolute wide viewing angle

The angle that is supported by the wifi doorbell camera is 166°, which is a good angle that will enable you to view all the people at the door. It will allow you to view any activity that they might be doing at the door or even beyond the door.

Power consumption and support.

The wifi doorbell comes with a rechargeable battery which can keep your doorbell running even when there is no electrical power.  Besides, it has a low power consumption, which promises the batteries to run for a long period.

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Have motion detectors and night mode ability

With a compatible design, the wifi doorbell can detect any movement outside your home, helping you know if there is anything or person approaching your home. It comes with infra led lights that help it to view well even at night, which helps to enhance your security. And it is always ready.

Storage and activities recording.

The EKEN A8 Smart Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell has built-in 8GB internal storage to allow it to record videos activities and save them automatically. The videos can be played back to view if you were not around.

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Connectivity of the Wi-Fi doorbell

It is able to connect with different Android devices. So you can connect it to more than one device at a particular time, which will help you to connect your android phone or laptop to it. Therefore, you can have a better view of all the activities outside your door.

Benefits of using EKEN A8 Smart Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell.

It can provide the valuable high-density video footage whenever anything happens at your home and you are not around.

It is less bulky and easy to install.

It helps you to screen all your visitors.

It is able to detect motion.

It comes with a wider viewing angle, enhancing your security more.

Its long-lasting batteries help you save on power.

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Whenever you need a Wi-Fi connection and a secure doorbell you don’t have to worry but go for EKEN A8 Smart Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell. It will not let you down and will always help you know the visitors who are at your door. It will enhance your security all day. For more discounts to buy wifi doorbells, please go to Banggood.

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