Why You Keep Killing Your Succulents? 6 Secrets for Growing Succulents


It did confuse me a whole while that why I could never keep the succulents growing healthily, since every succulent that I grew wind up dead eventually. It did make me feel frustrated. And I started to find out the reasons. If you do have this problem, I would love to share some secrets with you.

  1. Too much water for your succulents is going to kill your succulent. In general, you just have to water your succulents in plant pots once a week in autumn and winter, and once a month in spring and summer.

  1. Don’t water your succulents at noon. Water would turn into steam quickly and do harm to the roots, like red desert rose.

  1. There is no drainage hole at the bottom of the flower pot. As the succulents couldn’t survive in environment that is too damp, it’s a big mistake to choose a flower pot without a hole.

  1. Less sunlight. Most of the succulents need enough sunlight to grow stronger and more beautiful. So, you shouldn’t keep it indoor. However, the sunlight in summer might be too strong, and you might need to buy some shelters for your succulents.


  1. And different kinds of succulents would have different favors. So, search online and find out how to take care of it particularly.

  1. The kinds of soil that could keep succulents growing happily are very critical. The soil that is rich for other plants is a horrible choice for succulents. If you would love to change the flower pot, you should choose the kinds of the soil carefully.


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