Why We Should Have A Clock In The Bathroom?


Time is an important aspect of our daily lives. In fact, time is what all of us have been given equally. To help manage time efficiently, a clock was invented. Clocks help us to check and assign time. Thanks to advancement in technology, we now have digital wall clocks and 3d wall clocks.

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Basically, wall clocks can be placed anywhere in the house as the need arises. For example, you can place a wall clock in your bedroom and set an alarm to help you wake up early for work the next day. You can also place a digital wall clock in your bathroom. Yes! In the bathroom. Below I outline reasons why you should put a clock in your bathroom.

Time Management

Obviously, the number one reason why we should have a clock is to manage our time well. The bathroom is one place where most people waste time. They spend minutes to hours taking a bath, looking themselves in the mirror among other things. Having a bathroom wall clock will remind you to keep time.

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Light up.

A bathroom is an important room in our homes. Bathroom time serves as the most important personal time for everybody especially a woman. This is the time and place to shave, clean up and get ready to face the day. It is therefore refreshing to walk into a well-lit bathroom. A 3d wall clock can help you achieve this look as it helps add an aesthetic feel to the whole room.

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Avoid conflicts.

For a big family, conflicts are bound to come especially if there is a shared bathroom. A bathroom wall clock will help you to assign a few minutes to every family member so that everyone is conscious of how much time they spend in the bathroom.Once you have decided that you need a bathroom wall clock, you should then choose wisely. Top on the list is to find a battery powered clock for the obvious reason that electrically powered clocks will not l be affected by water.

 bathroom wall clock

Digital vs Analog.

A digital wall clock is one that displays time in form of numerals such as 4:30 while an analog clock displays time by the positions of rotating hands. A digital wall clock is easier and quicker to read.

 bathroom wall clock Size and color

Choosing a perfect size and color for your bathroom wall clock can make a difference to the entire look of the room. Do not hurry, pick a perfect size that is neither too big or too small. For color, choose one that brings a little contrast to the entire room.


Time spent in the bathroom is enjoyable. It is also where most time is lost. Investing in a bathroom wall clock can, therefore, help save time for you.

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Kristofer Van Wagner

I never thought of hanging a wall clock in the bathroom. But after reading how doing so can actually help with time management as we will be more aware of how much time we spend in the bathroom, I will definitely consider hanging one in each bathroom. As a matter of fact, I think I will hang one close to the mirror so that the family and I will have an idea of how much time we spend in the loo.