Why Do I prefer Dibea C17 to Dyson V8?


My family and I moved into our new home recently. A few days after our housewarming, my wife and I finally got time to open gifts from friends and family. One of the gifts from my aunt was a cordless vacuum. We already had a cordless (and bagless vacuum); the Dyson V8. I felt bad giving it away so I decided to put it into the garage until I could figure out what to do with it.

A few days later I came across the box. I decided to open it up and take a look. I never heard of the brand or model before; the Dibea C17. Being the experimenter I am, I decided to use them side by side for a few weeks to compare their performance.

smart vacuum cleaner

My Dyson V8

I’ve had my Dyson V8 for some time now.

It comes with a range of tools that extends the functionality of the device. They can be easily interchanged. Cleaning different surfaces and hard to reach areas are a breeze. I especially like Fluffy Soft Roller Cleaner Head for my hardwood floors.

The vacuum now runs up to 40 minutes with the non-powered tools. It goes for 25 minutes on the powered head, so I can clean the house with a full charge.

What I also like is the HEPA filtration system that captures allergens and sends out clean air.

The Dyson picks up most messes with ease and I usually have to pass it over an area once or twice.

Dibea vacuum

The new Dibea C17

The Dibea C17 is a cordless and bagless vacuum sporting a similar look and feel to the Dyson V8. I did some quick research online. Firstly, I was surprised at the price. It was almost one-third of the price of my fully loaded Dyson. It came with three brushes and had a handy wall mount like the V8.

Dibea vacuum

What I liked about the Dibea is the trigger mechanism. You click it once and it stays on. Once again and it’s on maximum power. I get a bit of hand cramp having to hold the trigger of the Dyson while cleaning. The Dibea also comes with Hepa Filtration.

Dibea vacuum

The power of the vacuum is solid. It handled the messes effectively, although sometimes I felt I had to pass the vacuum over a tough spot a couple more times, compared to the Dyson.


What’s The Verdict?

After using both for a few weeks, I have to go with the Dibea C17. I was amazed at the performance of the Dibea Vacuum for the price point. Most vacuums at that price lack the power you need over time. This one has delivered.

The Dyson is also a bit heavier than the Dibea. It may not sound like a big deal, but after a half hour, you begin to notice the weight.

Dibea vacuum

One great feature of the Dyson is the range of tools that are available. I would have liked more attachments with the Dibea but Dyson’s attachments come at a high price point.

The dust container is also a bit larger than the Dibea, which can also account for the weight difference.

Another reason why I chose the Dibea vacuum is that it operates on 65db noise compared to the 83db on max for the Dyson. You can hear yourself think a little more with the Dibea.

Dibea vacuum


I’ve decided to keep both vacuums in the house. I’ve moved the Dibea upstairs for the kids’ rooms and the Dyson will stay in the kitchen. My mom is a Dyson fan, so naturally, I gravitated to the brand. If I knew about the Dibea C17 before, I would have got one myself. If you do not have enough budget, you can get a Dibea vacuum on Banggood.

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