Why Can Digital Alarms Replace Traditional Alarms?


With the first digital alarm emerging in the world, various kinds of alarms have mushroomed in our diary life. When you come to visit your friends, you may find most of them have a digital alarm clock instead of a traditional one. Actually, it is not hard for us to find why digital alarms can take the place of traditional one after you finish reading this article. Now, let me tell you the advantages of digital alarms that traditional alarm couldn’t have.

Digoo DG-C4 Digital Sensitive alarm clock

1.Automatically adjust the light intensity.
Those who have used a traditional alarm may suffer a lot when they check the time at night. They have to rise to turn on the light, undoubtedly, which will keep them away from sleepiness. What’s worse, there is nothing more terrible than suffering from the strong light in the darkness. Fortunately, the emerging of digital alarm, especially the digital sensitive desk alarm, can help you out of this awkward situation. This is because the digital sensitive desk alarm is equipped with the sensor system, which can adjust the light intensity according to the light intensity of surroundings, protecting your eyes when seeing the time in the darkness.

Digoo DG-C4 Digital Sensitive Alarm clock

2.Tell you the temperature trend.
You may also suffer from the situation where you wear less only to catch a cold in winter or wear too much in summer or you don’t have a umbrella in a rainy day. At that time, you will find it important to have a alarm clock with the function of telling temperature and weather, which is also the function traditional alarm can not provide for you. To own a digital alarm not only can convenience you to know the time clearly when you get up in the morning, without a need to turn on your phone to watch but you can also know the temperature and weather trend so that you can stay away from the situation mentioned above.

Digoo DG-C33.Humanized alarm function.
Humanized alarm function is also an advantage that traditional one can not provide for us. With digital alarm clock, you can set two kinds of alarm mode, alarm working on work day only and alarm working the whole day, which can enable you to avoid forgetting to set alarm on work days. Maybe you will say a cell phone also can provide this function, but the cell phone is not suitable to be an alarm beside the bed because it will emit a lot of radioactive waves. Therefore, we had better take a digital alarm.

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