White Strawberries


Do you love strawberries? When talking about strawberries, what do you think of them? As for me, I will think of springtime fun, the first harvest of the year, and above all else, plump and juicy red fruit with an exquisite taste. Do you think so? Strawberries are synonymous with the color red, however, what is not known by most is that there are numerous white strawberries as well.

strawberry seeds

If you are interested in the white strawberries and want to grow some in your garden or indoor, how about having a try with the white strawberry seeds? Even though now is still in winter, spring is not far away from us. And spring is the great time to taste strawberries. In fact, growing strawberries at home is simple. The way to grow white strawberries is the same as the red strawberries’. The temperature f germination is 20-25 degree and the growth of optimum temperature is 15-35 degree. Meanwhile, soil, water and sunlight are important to the strawberries. Keep soil moist and let the plants grow in a sunny place are good for the strawberries, no matter you plant them in garden or in pot, remember to sow seeds in good soil and let them own enough space to grow. Normally, it takes the strawberries 90 days to from sow to bloom.

white strawberry seeds

white strawberry seeds

There are several benefits of white strawberries, First, the Alpine varieties have an exquisite taste and aroma. Also, there are unique strawberry flavor accents that can be experienced with the pine berry. Another added benefit of the pale relatives of red strawberries is that our feathered friends don’t pay them as much attention.  Birds can decimate a strawberry patch. As soon as they start turning red, they start turning birds’ heads too. Birds will often ignore white strawberries so that you get more fruit with less fight!

white strawberry seeds

Gardening is interesting; you have no idea how amazing it is when you grow something successfully. Get yourself simple gardening tools and this spring you can have a try on growing plants.

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