Where to buy magnetic balls


Magnetic balls were manufactured for educational purposes, as an artistic medium and stress relief products. I mean, there is nothing that is more exhilarating that being able to make whatever you want with some beads. If you are an artist, you can make any shape you want. They are also excellent for jewelry making, beading, DIY gifts, jewelry design, necklaces, yoga bracelets and home & wedding decorations.

Where to buy magnetic balls

The balls measure 1 inches are pretty fantastic. When you buy the balls, on the box, you wll find the instructions you need on how to align the balls. To beginners, learning how to use these balls can be a bit challenging and confusing. So, I made a list that guides you on how you can use the balls to get your desired results:

  • The first step is to make a straight line. When you do this, at least you will get a rough idea on how the balls work.
  • The second step is to create small triangles, by separating nine balls from the line to make a small circle. Once you form a circle, you can easily form a triangle.
  • The third step is to arrange the triangles, where you make 24 triangles using magnetic ball toys, and then arrange them into vertical lines.
  • Then, align all the triangles into a U-shape
  • After that, make a spiral shape. Get three U shaped sets and align them together to create a spiral shape.
  • Make a Hexogen. You can align the spiral shape further into a Hexogen. Get hold of the triangle from every edge of the hexogen, making it to face the opposite direction.
  • Make a star. When you have four triangles sticking out of the hexagon, you can form it into a pentagon. Find the triangles on the edges and stick them. If you do that to all the triangles you will have a star-shaped design.

Where to buy

With this list, am pretty sure that you have an idea on you can the magnetic balls. Now, if you want to buy them, visit Banggood.com where you will get all the types of magnetic balls you can find in the market. Buy and then wait for them to be delivered to your location, wherever you may be on the planet.

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