Where to buy duayen paint


Founded in 2001, Duayen is specialized in polyurethane systems with a focus on new applications. The company operates a 7.500 m2 facility in Istanbul, Turkey, and is able to produce 600 tons of materiel per month. Duayen also offers a wide range of other adhesives, coatings, paints and insulating products.
Duayen paint remarkable and highly durable paint spray. It is delivered with a machine through a powerful spray nozzle. The technology ensures consistent and even coats time after time. The paint resists impacts of any kind in testing including hammers and bending. The wall behind may crumble but the paint stays intact. The spray system is available in over 10 grades.

Duayen paint

Improved ballistic properties

According to the company, the material improves the ballistic properties of the coated part. Typical applications include armor panels, armored vehicles, ballistic protective plates (insert plate), bulletproof vests and other military equipment. In general, impact absorbing properties are preferred in military vehicles and equipment.

High chemical resistance and good insulation properties
In addition to improved mechanical properties, the PU material also features high chemical resistance and good vibration and sound insulation properties.

  • Product Advantages
    Waterproof , tough and durable
  • High performace top coating for industrial flooring
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • High build coating and good applicability
  • Provide flexibility with impact resistance
  • Good adhesion to epoxy primers and polyurethane coating
  • Quick drying, hygenic and easy to clean

Where to buy duayen paint

At Banggood you can purchase this awesome duayen paint at affordable prices and you are sure of a genuine product.

Duayen Paint is a high quality polyurethane finish that both high in gloss and opacity is specially formulated for using throughout the top level paints of floor coating.

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Tabraiz Umar

I want to import and to b distributor in pakistan

Tabraiz Umar
Tabraiz Umar

I want to import in Pakistan and to b a distributor there


How can i get it??


How can I get the epoxy paint hear in Nigeria