Where to Buy Banh Pia Chay


Cakes and pastries have been around for many centuries. The ingredients in cakes vary from one cake to other depending on the owner’s taste and desires. Some other cakes are designed for specific group of people like no sugar, vegetarians and many others.

What is bhan pia chay?

Bhan pia chay is a type of a dessert or cake that is a Vietnamese version of mooncake or pastry. It is a type of bhan pia but with vegetables for vegetarians (chay).  The many soft layers of flaky pastry crust can be peeled easily when eating. They are common pastries in many countries like in Vietnam; they are used in Mid-Autumn festival. They have sweet fillings like mung bean paste and durian that makes them to be very sweet.

Where to Buy Banh Pia Chay

Why bahn pia chay

  • They are soft- bhan pia chay cakes are baked with proficiency to a soft end product. Even the outer crust is very soft. They have layers that are easily peeled and which makes them ideal for any person including kids and seniors.
  • They are vegetarian friendly- unlike other types of bhan pia cakes which have meat in them like sugared pork fat, bhan pia chay can be consumed by vegetarians including those whom their religion doesn’t allow them to eat meat.
  • Easy to carry – cakes and pastries that have cream coating are strenuous to carry because you will ruin them. Ban pay chay are packaged in a way you can carry them in your back pack and travel with them without being destroyed.
  • Can be stored for days- ban pia chay can be stored for some days and for this reason you can serve them with light beverages to your family. You can also serve them as desert.
  • Available on online store- it takes hours to collect all ingredients and bake this amazing cake. You don’t have to worry about the long tiresome process of making bahn pia chay cakes because you can enjoy the sweet mouth-watering cake at the comfort of your home, by ordering them on an online store.

Where to buy bhan pia chay

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