Where to buy Ant Chalk


What is Ant Chalk?
Ant Chalk is an insecticide in the form of normal looking chalk. It contains the pesticides deltamethrin and cypermethrin. This chalk is a cheap and a cleaner method of handling household insects.

Ant Chalk

When you find ants invading your home, it can make you feel frustrated and desperate. You may search for different ant control methods. Ant chalk may come up as a viable solution to stop ants in their tracks.

How to use Ant Chalk
Making use an Ant Chalk is quite easy. All you need to do is to pick up a stick of the Ant Chalk and draw a line with it along the base of walls of your room. Give it some time and you will see dead ants all over the place. The Ant chalk is odorless.
Please Note: It is important you keep out of the reach of children and also wash your hands after use.

Where to buy Ant Chalk
To purchase Ant chalk visit Banggood. They are sold as a single pack and also in bulk; I assure you value for money.

Unlike other insecticides, Ant Chalk is very affordable, odorless and effective. Go get yours today.

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