Where can I buy a cipher drinking glass?


Tell me something, have you ever gone to a party only to find that the glasses being used are all similar, to the point where you even don’t know which glass was yours? Am telling you, this can cause a lot of confusion to some people. The worst happens when you sip a drink only to find out that you’ve sipped another person’s drink, especially with Coronavirus roaming around. This alone can ruin your night if you are not careful.

Where can I buy a cipher drinking glass?

Now imagine a glass that kind of identifies the drink in it. I know it might sound crazy but it is the truth. You see, cipher drinking glasses were designed by Damjan Stankovic, and it has colored squares all over it with an odd ability to make certain words based on the drink in that glass. I mean, depending on how the squares appears, you will be able to tell the kind of drink is that glass.

On a light note, these glasses resembles the ones that existed back in the 80s in a way, you know, the ones that had buxom babes or muscular men with certain outfits who would disappear whenever a drink is poured into the glass. The truth is, if you were to say that the glass had some sort of sensors that indicated what is contained in the glass, you won’t be wrong.

These are some of the items that are hard to come buy these days. But the thing is, these are the best glasses to have at a party.

Where to buy

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