What you need to know about XMUND XM-CG1 22 Inch Steel Fire Pits 


It is clear that an outdoor house party or a long-distance camping trip cannot be fully enjoyed without an outdoor fire pit. When you are planning to buy one, ensure that you keep the following things in mind:

  • Style: The style of the outdoor fire pit is very important for many users. You wouldn’t want an unsightly fire pit in your backyard at all times. You must check the most suitable style for your preference.
  • Size: As the size of an outdoor fire pit increases, you should also consider not getting an oversized one regarding your use.
  • Weight: clearly, you will have to carry the fire pit from place to place while you use it.

Therefore, you should take a look at the weight of the product before purchasing it. Heavier options will be fairly difficult to transport by a single person.


The XMUND XM-CG1 is a comparatively lesser-known brand but one of the most effective fire pits, you can get an antique-looking outdoor fire pit from it.

Design and Durability

The Outdoor Fire Pit has a 22 inches diameter circular fire pit that is made of a durable steel frame that comes along with a black heat resistant finish. It is among the most lightweight option when it comes to outdoor fire pits making it easily portable weighing only 5.99 lbs.


There is a mesh included with the pit that holds back sparks or debris that come out of the pit. The mesh also makes it easy for oxygen to penetrate thus making it smokeless.

It also comes with a wood poker used to move or arrange wood or charcoal safely. It has a wooden handle that makes it easy to hold.

Wide variety of uses

As it is pretty big in size, it becomes versatile and viable for many applications such as a general fire pit, a barbeque station, cold drinks holder, and a great travel companion. You can quickly assemble all the parts as it is very easy with the 4 legs and an outer rim as there is a manual in the pack.


You can use an outdoor fire pit to illuminate your backyard in the night and war it up or to host a barbeque party at home. I Would strongly suggest you go with the XMUND XM-CG1 22 Inch Steel Fire Pits.it will not disappoint.


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