What We Can Do During The Lockdown of COVID-19? 


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and its spread, many countries and regions have to turn into lockdown, where most of the companies, shops and entertainments are ordered to suspend business during the epidemic and people are forced to stay at home without being allowed for an outing. Are you feeling bored of staying at home now? If you do, I will share some tips that not only can help to kill your time during the epidemic but also help have fun during the lockdown. Let me show them to you.

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Watching a movie with your family

Watching a movie with your family at home may be the best time killer. You can make a list of all kinds of movies that you want to watch and watch one or two movies every day. Watching a good movie will benefit you a lot and even make you happy. Some people may take it for granted that they can not be able to enjoy the watching experience that is as good as that the cinema provides. However, I think if you have a good LED projector, you can also create a home theater for yourself. Just imagine how fantastic you will feel when watching a movie with your family. We are used to complain that there is no time for you to accompany your family.

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Playing Games 

Have you been unable to access your game for a long time due to your job? If you have, I think playing games during the epidemic will be a good choice for you. But please make sure your gaming equipment goes smoothly to let you enjoy the best playing experience as the poor gaming equipment may upset you. So just try to make available a gaming computer that performs as smoothly as T-Bao T15A 15.6 Inch 1080P Portable Gaming Computer and a mechanical gaming keyboard that is easy to operate. If you have already owned the latest gaming equipment, please just enjoy playing games. I think you will get excited.

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Do some reading

When we are talking about the advantages of reading, we will always mention that it can broaden our horizons. So although we are “locked” at home and can not go out, we still can know something interested. You can read a magazine about traveling if you can have a traveling plan after the epidemic: you can read a comedy novel that can bring more fun to you or you can enjoy reading some books that can benefit your job. So just follow your heart to read whatever you prefer.

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Everyone has their own mode to kill time. Just enjoy your time in the way that you prefer. But please do not go out and just stay at home during the epidemic although you feel bored. More importantly, please follow good personal hygiene and keep you away from the virus by wearing a n95 respirator mask and protective clothes.


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