What is a Bookshelf Nightstand and why do you Need One?


Some bedrooms have some sort of nightstands next to the beds. The nightstand creates spaces for a phone charger, lighting, and any other knick-knacks around. Finding an important piece of bedroom furniture is very hard. So many take a choice of creating a bookshelf nightstand which creates the perfect space and height for rooms and others are even left wondering why they took so long to think of this.

Bookshelf Nightstand

Reasons to create a bookshelf nightstand

Storage without the bulk

Some of the bedrooms have very wide beds which takes much space in their rooms so having a bookshelf nightstand will not take a lot of space and it actually offers a larger space. The shelf is narrow and you cannot trip on them when getting in and out. You could easily add baskets or canvas if you have to hide things away even more.

Easy to assemble

The bookshelf is super easy to assemble. Some furniture, are the biggest pain put together. These bookshelf nightstands do not require any hand drill but you only have to remember ‘lefty loosey righty tighty’. The bookshelf nightstand is all put together because the screws are invisible.

Unlimited ways to decorate

Having a certain design in your room the bookshelf can also contribute to match your décor. Some women make their husbands’ side less feminine and their side more feminine. Even if they will look different they still look great together. You can choose to put a lamp, clock, basket, plant, picture, and a yellow bird on the male side. Because they don’t care much about the style as long as something important like headphones and the phone charger is around them. On the feminine side, you can throw some feminine touches sparkle and color. On top of the bookshelf, you can have a lamp, a box for putting random things, gold polka-dots, and flowers.

Affordable bookshelf nightstand

These bookshelf nightstands are very affordable you even admire buying more thinking of how your rooms in the house could look.

The look a bookshelf nightstand creates

Having this kind of modern bookshelf, you always find your room very complete. When you are not a reader you don’t have to have books around you but books can be an accent color to any space on the shelf.

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