What Does It Feel Like to Work at Banggood?


Banggood is International e-commerce of China. When I graduated from college, I got an offer from Banggood. Now I have worked for Banggood for over three years. Today, I am happy to share my thoughts and feelings about working on Banggood with you all.

Headquarter in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, Banggood company has a young elite team of more than 5000 employees. The first day I came to the company, I sensed the enthusiasm and ambition towards works and the warm-heartedness of Banggood employees. And it is very kind for them to share their experience when they learned in Banggood, which, to a certain degree, help me to adapt to the new working life in Banggood soon.


Modern Comfortable Office Environment

Banggood offers a comfortable office environment of modern architecture design,  in which I can be able to work with ease. The office building of Banggood has 16 floors. Each floor will be divided into the office area and leisure area. And a variety of tea and coffee are available. When you feel tired of working, you can make a cup of coffee to refresh yourself and engage in working efficiently.


Professional Employee Training and Career Promotion System

The first day  I worked for Banggood, I accepted the basic training course about the business culture and the regulations of the company, which can help me know how the company works and how I can become an excellent Banggood employee in a comprehensive way. Under the Banggood professional employee training system, Banggood has many tutors who can offer the integrative course for necessary working skills and techniques and some skills that I am interested to learn. And Thanks to this professional employee training and promotion system, I could be equal for my job and get a promotion quickly.

Integrative Welfare System For Employees

Apart from monthly salary, Banggood also offers year-end payment for its staff, which is used as rewards for their efforts for the development of the company. And it also prepares birthday parties and gifts for Banggood staff according to their Constellation every month and celebrations and gifts for festivals are also available, which makes me feel that we are family.


Abundant Amateur Life

Banggood also has various kinds of clubs,  including Basketball Clubs, Badminton Clubs, Dancing and Singing Clubs. Here you can know many people who share the same hobby with and make friends with them. And many language-learning clubs are also offered for you to learn a new language or further study the language you are good at. More than that, many social activities are held occasionally, which makes me relaxed from a whole day’s work.

Although Banggood is not a company with a long-term history, comparable to Amazon, it still has a  comprehensive operating system in employment and business. It has helped me a lot in improving my working ability skills and enriching my personal life. Working on Banggood makes me love and enjoy life and work.

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