Wet Clothes’ Helper in Rainy Days: Clothes Dryer Machine


Every time when it is raining or foggy, it is very common that our clothes are difficult to dry. We need to hang them in the house but it is much more difficult to dry and will be smelly. Sometimes we need to dry the clothes by a hair dryer but it is not convenient and spends much time. People who have fireplace at home can hang them in the fireplace but it is a little bit dangerous if the clothes fall down and catch fire. How about taking this clothes dryer machine back home for your wet clothes?

clothes dryer machine (1)

Clothes will easily breed bacteria when they are wet and will be smelly. Dressing clothes that are not completely dry is bad for our health especially underwear, socks and baby clothes. In the rainy days, you can hang the clothes above the clothes dryer machine and they will easily get dry. Only 60minutes is needed for standard clothes drying process, which reduces more than half time in comparison to the traditional drying time. We all like to hang clothes under the sun in order to sterilize. When the clothes drier works normally, the inner temperature can be 70degrees in maximum and 99.3% bacteria can be removed.

clothes dryer machine

clothes dryer machine

PTC heating element is used for heating and maintains constant temperature automatically. It can work for more than 600hours continuously with overheating double drying protection, which is absolutely safe. You can be release to use it in rainy days. Although the clothes dryer machine is useful, it is better to hang the clothes under the sun when it is sunny. Natural is better than mechanical.

clothes dryer machine

clothes dryer machineIt is necessary to collect the dry clothes well in the storage boxes in order to keep them clean and tidy. Putting camphor balls in a wardrobe can prevent moths. Keep clothes well and build up a pretty and healthy look.

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