VIOMI Smart Fan: Regulate and Enjoy the Natural Wind


Leisure time within the confines of your house will be at its best if you can free your hands from the remote control. So, you can just say a word and it all happens. While chatting with friends on the internet, you can remotely control your fan in the comfort of your bed or sofa. You need not roll over. The smart wind, natural wind or the medium breeze are all available for you. All you need is the VIOMI Smart Fan.

 VIOMI Smart Fan

Features of the VIOMI Smart Fan

The VIOMI Smart Fan is designed to meet the unique needs of customers. It offers a variety of simplified modes of control. Do you have basic knowledge of Chinese Language? Then you can enjoy voice control of your VIOMI Smart Fan. You can set the timing of the fan or change from medium breeze to natural wind. When you have had enough and it is time to sleep, then just say that and VIOMI Smart Fan will respond. Besides the voice control, you can also enjoy remote control using the VIOMI Smart Fan APP. All the operational features are integrated into the app.

 VIOMI Smart Fan

The smart fan also possesses safety measures that allow for manual operation without fear of damage or injury. The net cover is dense and linear with a simple touch panel. The fuselage is lighter making the overall manual operation friendly and safer. Intelligent remote control is also available for users. VIOMI Smart Fan accepts commands from 5 meters when using the intelligent remote.

With a net weight of 4kg, the fan is highly portable for use within your house. Besides, you can adjust the height of your VIOMI Fan and set the timing for its operation. The VIOMI fan also requires 24W to function. Therefore, 220v-50Hz is the appropriate power supply for effective function.

 VIOMI Smart Fan

Why you should consider VIOMI Smart Fan

The VIOMI Smart Fan offers unique benefits that are not found in other ordinary fans. Its power consumption is relatively low. Simply put, VIOMI Fan is ideal for reducing your electricity bill while enjoying the natural wind within your house. It also comes with a variety of control modes including; remote, internet and voice. Therefore, the customers have a variety of choice when operating VIOMI Smart Fan. The remarkable feature is the voice operation. Simple words in the Chinese language such as sleep wind or shut down will save you from rolling over to reach the remote control. VIOMI’s simple touch panel and dense linear net cover guarantee your safety during manual operations.

VIOMI Smart Fan is ideal for those who value a unique experience of nature and leisure within their residence.

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