Vacuum Cleaners That Will Improve Your Life Quality



A vacuum cleaner first invented in the late 1800s, to aid in the cleaning of carpets, floors, and furniture. Over the years, the use of vacuum cleaners has proved to be a necessity in our life. Initially, the vacuum cleaners were bulky and awkward to move around, but over time, better models are available some powerful for commercial purposes other are just tiny, handheld for convenience. The designs are better than they could ever be and serve a variety of purposes that indeed make life better. This proves that vacuum cleaners have improved life quality for a long time now.



To say that there are better designs and models is an understatement. Modern designs prove ingenuity at best showcasing carefully thought out and modeled to impress as well as boost convenience. Take PUPPYOO WP511 model for instance. The slim handle and buttons location are designed for use with only one hand. It is light, and the head flexibility makes it even easy to maneuver around corners and those hard to reach places. The beauty of it is that it’s Cordless, it comes with a 2200mAh Li-on battery for longer tasks and is still has a dominant 7KPa suction power. The searchlight on the head makes it possible to go for the dirt anywhere precisely. The head has rotating blades with a brush bristles making it easy to suck out tough stains.

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PUPPYOO WP511 2-in-1 model allows more functionality. The natural detachable feature gives you more convenience and precision. The power is still the same the handle design and usability don’t change however the effectiveness improves. Make no mistake you can work longer with a full battery that lasts up to 1 hour.


Other vacuum cleaners offer the same functionality but with different design and convenience. Deik Vacuum Cleaner is a good example. It provides the same power, weighing only 2.32kgs both are easy to maintain and use. The price difference is negligible and the only factor to consider when choosing from the two is beauty and convenience.


Bissell 1819 is another example. That has the same functionality It offers the same edge to edge cleaning, a powerful triple action brush, and a multi-cyclonic suction power. Needless to say, it’s still another good option. It is good to look at. The price range ranges from $100 to $200 for a complete set.



What differentiates the three is the appearance design convenience and usability. PUPPYOO WP511 2-in-1 shakes the market to set new standards in the vacuum cleaning industry. Its competitive price, design and product capabilities put PUPPYOO WP511 on top of the other products. This new product marks a new level of convenience in home cleaning. What better way to start a new-year PUPPYOO launches this product by making sure the product starts a completely new journey that comes with a new year. On January 23, 2018, PUPPYOO will promote PUPPYOO WP511 to consumers worldwide with Banggood Brand Day activities, offering the cheapest price on the entire network to gradually perfect the popularity of the new brand and Banggood brand system.




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