UV Protection Umbrellas That You Must Have in 2018


The main purpose of the umbrella was known to be protective against the rain. But, there are many people who use umbrellas to protect themselves against scorching sun. Earlier, the umbrellas were not used to be UV protected. But, due to the increase in the global warming, the UV rays from the sun are all set to harm the people living on this planet. Therefore, many companies started producing UV protected umbrellas to protect against harmful UV rays coming in contact with the skin. As it is highly known that the UV rays are one of the causes of skin cancer. Hence, using a UV protected umbrella will help in reducing the risk of contracting skin cancer. It will also protect the skin from coming in direct contact with the sun and eventually reduces the aging of the skin. The companies use special materials to make the umbrella effective against the UV rays. It is always advisable to have a UV protection Umbrella while traveling. They are portable and give you a peace of mind.

xiaomi umbrella

There are many umbrellas available in the market that has UV protection ability. The best umbrellas to buy are:

  1. G4Free Sun Protection Golf Umbrella:

The G4Free Sun Protection Golf Umbrella is one of the best in the market. It is an oversized canopy and is water resistant. It has a quick drying capacity and has SPF of more than 50. The underside of the umbrella has an anti UV coating. Therefore, it gets easier to spend hours under this umbrella during a hot summer day without getting sunburnt.

xiaomi umbrella


  1. Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Umbrella:

Xiaomi umbrella provides good protection against the UV rays from the sun. It is efficient in blocking the UV and has a great feature of heat insulation and provides great shade to the user. It is highly durable and it is resistant to corrosion and friction. It is strong due to which it can withhold the strong wind and it provides shade due to which the user can go out in sun using this umbrella without worrying about exposure to the UV rays. With the SPF of 40+, it is one of the most favored umbrellas.

xiaomi umbrella

  1. 70mph Windproof Travel Umbrella:

It has an SPF of 50+. It provides protection against the UV rays coming from the sun as well as it is made to use in the locations with heavy wind. This umbrella is very strong and is made to withstand wind up to 70mph. The use of Teflon makes it high resistance towards the water. It provides protection to maximum two people and if not in use it can get folded easily in a smaller size which makes it easier to carry.

xiaomi umbrella


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