Use Digoo portable shaker bottle to create your own hurricane now


As well as we known that water is the source of life. When we were a child, we only know that if we don’t drink the water, we’ll feel thirsty that we’ll listen to mom’s word that we need to drink the water on time everyday. After we accept the education, we know that water has accounted for 70% in one person’s body, and it has the function of promoting metabolism which is benefit for our healthy that we always remind us to drink the water usually. And then a little bigger, when we have boyfriend or girlfriend, we begin to pay attention to personal image and maintenance. Drinking water can promote the body detoxification, eye luster, moisturizing the skin and other benefits that we advise us drink plenty of water. However, we always forget to drink the water when are in a fast-paced life.

Have you met the condition like this?When you feel asleep in the office after doing a complex project and you want to have a cup of instant coffee to refresh your brain, but unfortunately you haven’t the spoon, then maybe you’ll find that the coffee powder is not melting in your cup. Or when approaching getting off the work and you feel hungry, it’s better to have a cup of oatmeal at that time.

Don’t worry about it! Digoo DG-VX1 Portable Shaker Bottle can meet all your requirement like this.


why 90% of people have protein powder stirred by Mixer instead of handshaking?

  • Because protein powder which is easily soluble in water, will greatly enhance the degree of fusion protein with water by stirring cup, thereby increasing the absorption efficiency.
  • Easy to take, attract high utilization, reduce the burden of gastroenteritis, the most important reason for protein powder to be respected is the rapid digestion and absorption.

DG-VXI portable protein Vortex Mixer

  • Transparent Food Grade Material
  • Standard Calibration
  • Silicone cover
  • Detachable Components


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